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Lines, Lines, and More Lines

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This week has been a tough one. We have the National Broadcasting Association in town which brings a lot of people out here. For some reason once again the Taxi Authority approved way too many extra cabs for this event. The cab stands are long as hell and a lot of drivers are making between $100-$150 less then they do on a normal non-convention day. I have gone up and down the strip a few times this week and all I see are line, lines, and more lines. Its for this reason why I’m glad I work the north end of town a lot.

It’s now Tuesday and I stumble into work to this.



I guess the largest company in town can’t afford a computer system that doesn’t crash all the time or freeze. They are hand writing our trip sheets which is taking forever. I had enough time to write this and could’ve re-written it about 5 times. Total wait time: 30 mins. Normal wait time 30 seconds to 3 mins.


From One Emergency to Another

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Ah just what I needed. A week off of work in sunny Southern California. Yeah, that’s where I’ve been. In beautiful sunny California with my feet propped up by the pool, sipping on cocktails with the wife, and not a worry in the world. Life doesn’t get much better than this.

Oh wait, that’s what I wish really happened. Unfortunately that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I had to leave work last Sunday on a family emergency that started off grim but turned out to be as okay as okay gets. But this post isn’t about my family or why I had to leave work. This is about how sad it is that I can’t leave on a family emergency without people messing up my business.

As a cab driver I have to figure out how to make as much money as possible no matter what’s going on in town. I do this by finding people that need rides regularly and force them offer to be their personal driver. This is a common practice and by doing this I can count on making the money I need. I call it smart business but I guess not everyone understands that.

When I left this last week, I had to call in a few of my personals (fares that call me direct or have a standing schedule) to the company I work for to make sure that they had rides. I do this for any of my personals who ask. Some just won’t use a cab unless I’m working so luckily I only had to call in a couple of orders. After doing this I felt better and sent text messages to my personals to let them know what was going on. They thanked me and probably felt that all would be well like it normally is.

Later in the week I got a text from one of my personals letting me know that she had to rent a car for the week instead of using my company and that she would tell me what had  happened when I got back. Well I’m back and I was going over my pick ups for the day when my phone went off. It was her. She said that she rented the car for another week and would not need me for her regular time this week. I was shocked. I asked what happened and she filled me in on the last weeks events.

I pick her up Monday thru Thursday and set up a pick up for her on Fridays. I guess last Monday the driver she got was late and then took her the long way to work. She paid him and then called to complain about being long hauled. The following day the driver was even later and was smoking in the cab with the windows up. He refused to put it out or roll down the windows. So now she’s been late to work two days in a row and gets warned about how important it is that she’s on time. That night she canceled her cabs for the rest of the week and rented a car to get herself back and forth until I got back. So all was fine until she looked at her calendar for the upcoming week and she saw that I told her I would be missing work again this Tuesday and possibly longer due to jury duty. She said she started to panic and decided that she had to get herself a car and start driving again. I understood after what she went through, but then the bomb hit. She said that she was just going to buy a car and didn’t need my service anymore. She couldn’t rely on my company to pick her up on my days off and she couldn’t risk loosing her job.

I was pissed. Not at her. I don’t blame her, honestly. I was pissed at my company and the other drivers. When I call in I let the company know it’s a personal of mine and they should take note. As a company, they should try and make these people happy. These people are paying good money almost everyday to get a ride. But now that they pissed her off and made her not trust them I lose a fare, a tip, and the company loses money too. Maybe they don’t remember that I only get a percentage of what’s on the meter. They get the rest.

With that said, I’m going back to work and have to find a new fare to fill my 7am time slot. Thanks for looking out.

You Can Call Me “Dr. Hack”

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Everyone getting into a cab in Vegas has a different story and their own way of riding. You have the people who get in and find someone to call right away to avoid any conversation with the driver and then you have the ones who use the cab as a free therapy session.

Yesterday was one of those days.  I went to an apartment to pick up a lady who was going to work. I sat there for around 10 mins waiting for her to come out. When she gets in, she starts with “I’m sorry my dumb ass fiance decided it would be smart to bring up issues right before work. I keep telling him I can’t do this before work. My job is too important and stressful to go in with this on my mind. A lot of people count on me being on my game and I can’t let them down”. Man, she must have a crazy job. So I ask her what she does for a living. “OH, I work the check out at Lowes.” For those not knowing, Lowes is a hardware store . I laughed internally and said “yeah, I know how that goes. If your mind isn’t in the job, it messes everything up. Lord knows that the last thing your boss needs is someone who’s not all there”. The ride took about 20 mins and I heard it all. From his personal issues to hers and everything in between. 

I sat and took it all in and couldn’t wait till she was out of the cab to say out loud –  “dumb bitch. Don’t send naked pics of yourself to other guys and maybe he wouldn’t have these issues!”. Yes, during this she tells me that it all started when he found out that she sent pics to a guy. Her thing was, “we aren’t going to be married until January 1st so what’s his deal? I’ll stop then”. I love people and the shit they tell others. Remember, while I am a driver and don’t really care what I hear in my cab, that doesn’t mean I need to hear it all. 

Oh and next time I’ll have to impose my $100 per hour shrink fee.

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