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You’re in your car getting on the freeway. You are speeding up as you get closer to merging with other traffic going freeway speeds. Next thing you know the car in front of you slows down while merging. You notice police lights turn on in the rear window and then go off. Now having to really speed up from about 45mph to 65mph (which is the speed limit) you merge on the freeway and start moving with traffic. Your going  just a bit over 65mph but moving with the flow in the two right lanes. You notice that a couple cars are flying up on the left side and have to be going at least 85mph. Next you see the cop move over a lane and he’s behind you. Naturally, you think those cars are SO busted. You look in your rearview mirror and notice his lights onm but instead of going after those cars he’s pulling you over. You pull over wondering what’s wrong. The cop walks up to you and does the bullshit “do you know why I stopped you?” Most of the time you do but you really have no clue this time. He starts telling you how he was pacing you for a bit and you were going 67mph. Then starts telling you that 66mph is speeding when the sign says 65mph and at one point you even got up to 69mph for a second. He takes your info and runs you in the computer. After nothing comes back he lectures you about driving safe and how you need to slow it down. He walks away.

Don’t you hate when that happens? Oh wait I’m sure that has NEVER happened to about 99% of you. For me it comes down to the worst thing you can do as a driver. “D.W.I.T.” Yeah, that’s right. The worst thing you can do while driving is being caught “Driving While In a Taxi”. Metro (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department) for the most part is cool to us as long as we’re not out of control or wreck-less. I’m just a hard working hack who is looking for his next fare. So to the officers who do this kinda crap, GET A LIFE AND GROW UP. My family lost money because of your games.


Taxi Cops

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Here in Las Vegas we have a “Police Agency” that over sees the taxi industry as a whole. This is nothing new to many drivers around the world, most know them as transit cops so I’ve been told. But just like anything else in Vegas, this special group of cops are corrupt and out to get what they can from us drivers , not to help us.  They call themselves the Taxi Authority. These fine men and women are the end all – be all of the taxi world.

When you get hired at a company (there are no owner-operators or leased cabs), before they do anything with you, they have you go to the Taxi Authority (TA) and get your permit.  You have to pass background checks and a written test (with no study guide or idea whats on it). Then you have to go to a safety class where they try to scare the hell out of you for two days. During all of this you still do not get very many rules as to the does and dont’s of the road. They basically say don’t long haul (taking a fare the long way to run the meter up) and don’t get killed. I’m sure there was more but who cares, a good driver only has to really worry about speeding tickets.

This post could go many ways but I plan to use this to talk up the good side of the TA. For the most part they are really out there to try to help you guys (The Fare). They take all complaints and deal with them based on importance. The one thing they don’t wait on is dealing with “Long Hauling”. This is mainly seen going to and from the airport. There is only one way any driver should take you out of the airport to the strip or downtown and that’s via side streets. A tunnel was made a while ago to help local traffic get through the airport and to the Highway but about 10% of your Hacks will use that to run the fare up between $8-$12.  This is illegal! The TA is more than willing to help you guys out with this. So come with the knowledge of your fare and avoid being ripped off. 

Other than that I personally have nothing else good to say about them. I have had a few run-ins with them and have all been negative. I’ll go into more details about that later. Meanwhile when visiting Las Vegas speak up and don’t be walked on.

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