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Hookers And John’s

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I was sitting at a stop light waiting to turn left when my back door opens and someone jumps in.  I look in the rearview mirror and see what looks like the typical Vegas hooker. Before I could say anything she yelled, “GO! I have a few hundred-dollar bills and one’s yours if you just get me out of here”. Before I could do anything, I looked up right as a guy on his phone jumped on to my cab yelling, “NO, STOP! I have the cops on the phone. she just robbed me and they are on their way”.

This is nothing new for cabbies in Vegas. Every night we see hookers running out of hotels while being chased and hear them in the back of our cabs talking about the “last sucker” they rolled while he was showering or just not looking.  Personally, I think it’s funny. I mean if you are desperate enough to get a hooker and dumb enough to think you can trust her, then you deserve everything you get.

While the guy is yelling at me and trying to get me to talk to the cops, I see the hooker desperately trying to get out of my cab with no luck. I keep my child locks on so people can’t just open the door and run or into traffic at the airport. She starts going crazy again and even offers the $200 to just take her away from there.

I tell both of them that I’m not getting involved and that I’m just going to get off the main street and let her out. They can deal with it from there.  So I do just that, and watch as she tries to get into 3 other cabs. I signal for them not to taker her and they just lock their doors. She then runs into the hotel I pulled into so I pull off.  While waiting at the stop light to leave I see the two of them running back across the street. Just then a Las Vegas Metro Police Unit comes flying toward them. The cop stops and gets the hooker into custody.

Before the light could turn green my phone is ringing. It’s my dispatch telling me to stick around because Metro is going to want to talk to me.  I hang up and pull across the street to where they are and my phone rings again. This time It’s Metro’s Dispatch asking me to search my car for a wallet and $200 while I wait for an officer to come over to me.

To make a long story short, nothing was in my cab. I had to write a statement regarding this and they found the $200 under the girls WIG!!! I was laughing my ass of when I saw that.

If you take anything from this I hope it’s that you shouldn’t pick up a hooker. If you still feel that you need to pay for sex, there are legal brothels just outside of town.

Popping Bottles in the Club

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But let me be the first to say he’s no G6.

Ok let me start from the beginning. The other morning I was taking a bouncer to work at one of our reputable gentlemen’s club sleezy strip clubs. As we were driving down stripper row we see a guy come flying across the street from an alley that leads out of one of the clubs. The bouncer starts to laugh and says that I better stop the cab or I’m going to get hit by a couple of cars. Having a good idea of what he’s talking about, I slow to a stop in time to see two cars come flying out of the same alley without regard to who or what’s around them. They turn the same way the guy ran but he’d already ducked into another alley and behind a building.

I kept driving while the bouncer filled me in on what I just saw. He said the guy on foot just either stiffed a dancer or stole something. The guys in the cars were going to go beat the shit out of him to get the stuff back or make him pay one way or another. I believed every word (because it’s not the first time I’ve heard if this happening) and asked how often this happens. He said at least once in a weekend but sometimes more.

I pulled up to his club and dropped him off. I then headed straight back to the area where I had seen the guy on foot last. As I’m pulling down the street I see the two cars going back down the alley where they had come from and assumed that they never found the guy. I made a quick right where I saw the guy run and drive around looking for him. Right before I give up, I see him. He’s peeing on a pile of pallets in one of the allies. I must have scared him because he started running while trying to put his junk away.  I pulled down the ally and tapped the horn. He finally looked back and saw that I was a cab driver.  I motioned for him to get in and he did. At first he seemed unsure as to why I picked him up and was ready to jump out in a second. He was riding with his hand on the door handle and body leaning toward the door  for the first few minutes as I drove off. I broke the ice by asking:

Me: Long night?

Him: Oh god yes, too long and not what I wanted.

Me: So whats your story? I mean, I picked you up in an alley around strip club lane.

I was baiting him to see what he would come up with. We hear all kinds of stories as to why guys are wandering around this area at night when everything else is closed.  He sat for a second and then started telling me everything. It started as a night out with some buddies from high school. They were club hopping and ended up at Treasures around midnight (it’s now 6am).

One by one his buddies all left and he had no clue what time it was until one of the girls told him it was the end of her shift. She had to go. He asked the time and freaked out. His flight was in 3 hours and he had to get back to his room to pack.  On the way out he checked his wallet and noticed that he had no money left.  He then noticed all his credit cards were gone. At that point he freaked. After going to the doorman and being told there is nothing they can do for him, that it’s his responsibility to keep track of his stuff, he got mad. He came up with a plan. He was going to sit at the main stage as a girl was up there and just before she was done he would grab all the bills and run out.  He had no clue where he was but knew that he could find a cab somewhere.  The dance was almost over and the few guys left in the club got up to leave.

He jumped on stage and grabbed as much money as he could and ran out. On the way out he did it with style. He knocked over every chair and table he could and pushed two guys over at the door who were on their way out.

I was laughing my ass off at this point so bad I could hardly see the road.  He continued down the driveway and through the alley which is where I saw him first.  I stopped him there and said, I saw you there. I was driving by when you crossed the street. You got off that street just in time. The bouncers turned on the street just after you got off it. He started laughing at that point and then asked if he could use my phone to call someone.

We pulled up to the MGM, he paid up and got out. As I pulled off the property my phone rang. It was the number the guy had called. Come to find out, the guy dropped his phone on the way out of the club and the bouncers had found it. They called the last number, who was me, and started asking questions. When they called they acted like they knew me. When I told the guy I was a cabbie, he asked where Nate was. I told him I just dropped him off at the MGM. He then asked if I had gotten paid. I found this odd. Why is this guy’s buddy asking if I got paid? I let the guy on the phone know that Nate was on his way up to pack and should make the flight without an issue. That’s when the guy on the other end of the phone revealed who he was.

Guy on Phone: Thanks for all the info. We are on our way there but we’ll have to use the cops to do our job.

Me: What? Who is this?

Guy on Phone: I work at the strip club that he just ripped off. This guys isn’t going home if we get our way. We have film and his phone, he’s a dead man.

I just wished the guy luck and hung up the phone. I was never one to hang out at strip clubs but the few I went to back in the day seemed laid back and friendly. I would have never guessed this type of shit really happens and as offten as it sounds like it does. As far as Nate goes, I hope he learns from this and I kind of hope that whatever law enforcement gets involved, gives him a break. I mean come on, it takes some massive cojones to pull off that stunt.

Thank A Cop

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Today is a good day for justice. As you have read in earlier posts a fellow cab driver was killed about a week ago. Las Vegas Metro Police have been very hush-hush on all the details of what really happened. Even though this is frustrating for the community it’s done for good reason and last nights report shows us why.
I pushed my post today to share this with you in honor of a fallen coworker. Please read and or watch the links below and thank a cop today for all the hard work they do despite the bad rap we all (including myself) give them.

Cops are still looking for this woman

News clip

I’ve posted more on my Facebook

Cab Driver Remembered.

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Links to remember.

Vigil held in honor of murdered cab driver.

ABC News coverage.

Friends and family

I’ve posted more on my face book

Cabbie Killed Over What?

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I don’t work Friday’s or Saturdays so when I turned the news on this evening I was shocked to hear a fellow cab driver was killed yesterday morning. The driver was an employee at the company I driver for.  I wish the family of this driver my deepest condolences. I have shared this story on my Facebook and hope locals will help in finding these animals. No life is worth any amount of money.

Here are some links if you choose:

Local Fox 5

Local ABC 13

A Cab Driver Is A Get Away Car?

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I was going through my news apps yesterday on my phone and found an update to the Rio robbery I talked about it in the post there’s an app for that.

The Rio

As I was reading I was shocked to hear the true story unfold. Come to find out the cabbie that reported being held up, as I heard over the scanner, was really the planned get away car. The cab driver brought the robber and waited for him as part of the big plan. The driver, who drove for “Lucky Cab”,seems to have been down on his luck.

The driver and another buddy got arrested for the crime, but police are still looking for the gunman. You can read more about the court date for these two on my Facebook page by clicking the link on the right side of this page.

After reading this I sat and thought for a second. This driver lives here in Las Vegas. He works in Las Vegas, has been talked to about and must know about all the cameras this town, especially the ones on the strip. I know as a cab driver myself we have taken a massive pay cut. Some of us have lost about 50% of our income from just two years ago but I think you just adjust and move forward. Not in a million years would I ever think about trying to rob a casino. I think if I had to resort to crime, I would sooner hold up a bank than ever try to hold up one of our casinos.

Next time you’re in Vegas do me a favor. Look up when walking around a casino. Try and find all of the cameras clustered across the ceiling then I would guess you would have to double that number. Then once you’re done, ask yourself this….. WWJD? Oh wait no,  I mean…would you even pick your nose in one of these places?

The ABC’s Of Las Vegas

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I believe I have talked about the “Alphabets” before, but after the other day I think it’s time to go into more detail. I start most mornings these days in the north part of town. This is the part of town I’m sure very few, if any, of you have ever been to or even know is there. This is what I like to call “True Las Vegas”. This area has it all, from drugs and gangs to the high and mighty rich. My company divides this area into 3 zones and each one has it’s good with the bad. On the west side you have some of the rich mixed in with a lot of upper middle class, which is topped off with the middle class. This zone isn’t too busy but when it gets busy, they are normally good fares. The central zone is full of middle class with a small dusting of poor and a hint of upper class. You get a lot of short Walmart rides and a ton of cross town rides. Finally, we have the east side which has a lot of lower middle class, military and the dirt ass poor. The poorest part of this zone live in what we call “The Alphabets”. This is an area with streets named A-N running north and south and Presidents names running east and west. Over all, this zone has a ton of rides all day long. Some of them are $5 fares around the corner and others are across town. It’s a real crap shoot.

Now with that out of the way, back to why I brought this up. I was on my way back to the downtown area after dropping off in the northeast zone.  Whenever I deadhead back from an area, I pull into every possible place that may have fares waiting.  About two blocks from Fremont Street, while waiting for the light to turn green, I hear someone yelling. As I turn to see whats going on, I see a lady running up to my cab waving her arms. Being the kind of person I am, I unlock my doors and tell her to get in. (SSSHHHH! don’t tell the Taxi Authority, I’m sure they will find a way to still give me a ticket for this) I ask her whats wrong and where she need to go. She explains that she missed her bus and when the cab she called showed up, he rolled his window down asking where she was going and then sped off when she gave him the cross streets. I asked where that was going and she said Madison and C Street.

Now I know this area very well and know that she is going to a highly active gang and drug area. This is the type of area that has the cops arresting people at gun point on every other street.  Most people think that they are not safe here and that they’ll get shot or robbed as soon as they cross into the neighborhood. Personally, I think that it’s one of the safer areas to pick up and drop off. The cops come up to me in seconds every time I’m here and ask if everything is OK. There are probably more cops in this 5 mile area of town then there are on the strip.

So I get the cross streets and off we go. She starts chatting it up about how there are not many driver that will just take her all the way home. She says that many time they make her walk the last few blocks. We joke back and forth about other cabbies and talk about how this area has truly been cleaned up over the years. As we are pulling up to her house she asks if she can get my number for the future. I give it to her and she hands me $20 for her $11 fare and says “Keep it. I’m sure there will be times I can’t tip you and I hope you’ll remember this”.  I get out to open her door and wish her a good night. I then pull off wondering if she’ll ever really call me.

A few days go by and then I get a call at about 4am.  It’s her. She has me take her to the store and gives me a few numbers to call saying that these people have asked her to have me pick them up too. All I had to do was call and get their address. I made all the calls and took them all to work, to girlfriends houses, and home from work. I have been getting calls from these people at least once a day since and hope to one day be the King of the Alphabets! OK, not really, but I do like the fares.

There’s An APP For That

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This morning another casino robbery took place at the Rio Hotel and Casino. Reports of this first came over our cab radios about 4:30am when another driver informed everyone to stay away from the Rio because they had just been robbed and everyone was running around with guns drawn. I don’t know about you but when I hear something like this the first thing I do is grab my phone.

You may be wondering why I would grab my phone. Was I in the middle of this and needing to call for back up? Not at all. I was about 15 miles north of this crap. Did I know someone who may be in danger and felt the need to warn them? No, everyone I care about is home sleeping (then again my wife does sleep walk, hhmmm). So why would I grab my phone after hearing this? Well that’s easy, there’s an app for that. Yes, my beloved iPhone gives me endless amounts of info and entertainment.

I first pull up my police scanner app called “5-0 Radio”. This is a must have for anyone who has to be in the know. It covers multiple countries and it’s free. I tune in the command area for the strip right as they are flying into Terribles Casino. I find out that the suspect jumped in a cab and had the driver act as his get-away car. The driver pulled into Terribles and the suspect jumped out. After the cops talked to the driver, they reported that he was a 50-year-old male with a grey ball cap and a gun.

I get on the radio and let dispatch know what’s going on so drivers in the area don’t get caught up in this mess. My dispatcher comes back and asks how I know all this. Being the smart ass I am, I just say “There’s an app for that”. Before I could hang up the mic my phone starts to ring. I answer it, not to a hello, but a laughing male voice saying”ok smart ass. How are you getting this info?”. I explain about the best app ever and hang up.

As the morning goes on I listen to Metro set up a perimeter and stop every person that even comes close to the description of the suspect. I hear the list of streets that they are closing while they search and pick up the mic to update dispatch of the closures. Just as I go to push the button to talk I hear dispatch give the exact update I was about to give him. What the hell? Then I hear it in the back ground. I hear the police radio go off in the background. Hey wait! That’s my job. I’m suppose to be the go to guy, the guy with all the answers, the all-knowing driver (ok, I’m sure you get my drift). But for reals, who gave him the right to go download the app and steal my thunder?

So after all this excitement, I have still yet to hear if Metro has any leads (I don’t get the tack channels on the app). And yes, I’m still listening to it while writing this (it’s 7:17 am now). My title of the all-knowing one is being threatened by a mangy dispatcher. And last but not least, I’ve learned a valuable lesson. Don’t ever give up your secrets at work.


Who’s the Bad Guy

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Robberies are just a part of the job as a hack. They tell you this in your TA “training class” but everyone assumes it’ll never happen to them. Some drivers avoid the “bad” areas of town thinking this will stop them from being a victim. The sad thing is life isn’t like the old movies. Robbers don’t wear all black and have a cartoon like eye cover.

The robbers of today blend in. I’ve seen a video of a man wearing a suit pull a knife on a fellow hack while driving down the road. It’s amazing the lengths that some people will go to in order to try and trick us.

This is the most recent picture of robbers who went above and beyond. They have a car seat and were picked up in a new, upscale part of town.  I was told that they even had a couple of bags of food to go along with the fact that they were at a grocery store. It’s amazing how much thought goes into this but every single person that robs a cab forgets that we have cameras in our cabs. The best part of this group is that they called in asking for a cab, which makes the crime even that much worse.

Merry Drunken Christmas

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I got a call for a local casino (a resort off the strip) around 5:30 in the morning in mid December last year. When I pulled up, a drunken man came out and jumped in. I asked for his address and he mumbled something so I asked for cross streets. Most drunks can give left/right directions when you’re close to their house. He gave me the cross streets and I pulled off. When we got to his area I was guided to his house.

One of the things I got from my old company was keeping the child locks on to prevent run outs and to keep doors from opening into traffic.

So I get out and open his door. He stumbles out and I tell him the fare is $17.50. He looks at me and tells me to fuck off. I simply replied, “ok, I will as soon as you pay me”. I guess he didn’t like my smart ass remark due to his reaction but he was pulling his wallet out.  I said again,”$17.50 and I’m gone”.  He throws it at me and it hits the ground while he says, “get it yourself, fucker”. I bend over to pick it up and as I’m standing back up he comes at me.  I notice there is a 6 inch (15 cm) Buck knife coming at me. He gets it close to my stomach and says, ” give me your fucken money or I’ll kill you. I jump back and push him back at the same time.  Thank god he’s drunk as hell and doesn’t move very fast. I turn and jump in my car and lock the doors. I got on the radio and called it in to my dispatch. While they are getting all the info from me and calling the cops he turned (while still yelling at me) and goes inside his house (yes it really was his house).

Next thing I know, he comes out with another guy and gets into a Ford Mustang and they speed off.  Well, I was pissed at this point and was not about to let him go. Good thing I was driving a Chrysler 300 Hemi C Class. Yes my old company had some badass cabs. This guy really wasn’t that good at driving to start and the fact that his stock Mustang had nothing on me I had no problem chasing him.  I called out my chase to the dispatcher who had the cops closing in on us.  He made a wrong turn and came to a cul de sac. He pulled straight into a back yard of a house who’s gate was open and both of them bail.  The cops showed up about 30 seconds later and got the driver at gun point.  He was trying to say no one was with him and that I was chasing him for no reason and he was just scared.  The K-9 officers show up and start their search. ( Metro has some of the best K-9’s) 

About 20 mins into the search I hear all hell break loose on the block next to us.  Come to find out they found the guy under a shed in an old mans backyard and while they were trying to get him out, the old man (who couldn’t see well and was confused) came out and pulled a gun on the cops and started saying if they don’t get out of his yard he would shoot them. Now half the cops were ready to shoot this old guy and the other half were trying to handcuff the runner. Finally the old man understands that they are the cops and goes back in. 

They brought the guy over for ID and off to jail he went. During all of this an older lady shows up with her daughter (who was wearing a Bail bonds shirt) to pick up the car. Come to find out the two guys were father (guy with knife) and son (guy who drives like shit). I looked at the cops and said MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS TO ALL.  


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