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Irish Rage

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I pull up to a hotel that has the hottest night club in Vegas and get one guy going to another hotel on the opposite end of the strip. I ask how he’s doing and get a response I didn’t expect. In a heavy Irish accent he says,”I’ll be fine once I kick his ass”. I laugh thinking it may be a joke but after he goes in to the story about this guy stealing his woman, and so on and so forth, I know he’s really going kick ass.

About half way there he hands me a one hundred-dollar bill and asks if I could wait for him . I told him of course, but if he’s not back down in 30 minutes I’m leaving and keeping the change. He assured me that it would only take him about 10 minutes and he was ok with that deal.

As I got closer to the hotel we hit some traffic. He really started to get impatient and asked if he could just jump out and meet me in front when he’s done. I told him he has to let himself out and I’ll meet him wherever. He then wrote my cab number down and off he ran. Like a wild animal I watched him weave in and out of the cars until he found a side door to go in for his hotel.

I kept going until I got to the front of his hotel. I started to tweet about this guy and before I knew it, he was back in my cab.

Sweaty as hell he said, “take me back please”, referring to the club. Once again, I had to laugh. I asked how it went.

He said, “he’s going to think twice before doing this shit again. After kicking his ass I took his room key and tossed him out the room. He’s not on the room so he can’t get back in”.

He laughed his ass off the whole way back to the club.

Popping Bottles in the Club

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But let me be the first to say he’s no G6.

Ok let me start from the beginning. The other morning I was taking a bouncer to work at one of our reputable gentlemen’s club sleezy strip clubs. As we were driving down stripper row we see a guy come flying across the street from an alley that leads out of one of the clubs. The bouncer starts to laugh and says that I better stop the cab or I’m going to get hit by a couple of cars. Having a good idea of what he’s talking about, I slow to a stop in time to see two cars come flying out of the same alley without regard to who or what’s around them. They turn the same way the guy ran but he’d already ducked into another alley and behind a building.

I kept driving while the bouncer filled me in on what I just saw. He said the guy on foot just either stiffed a dancer or stole something. The guys in the cars were going to go beat the shit out of him to get the stuff back or make him pay one way or another. I believed every word (because it’s not the first time I’ve heard if this happening) and asked how often this happens. He said at least once in a weekend but sometimes more.

I pulled up to his club and dropped him off. I then headed straight back to the area where I had seen the guy on foot last. As I’m pulling down the street I see the two cars going back down the alley where they had come from and assumed that they never found the guy. I made a quick right where I saw the guy run and drive around looking for him. Right before I give up, I see him. He’s peeing on a pile of pallets in one of the allies. I must have scared him because he started running while trying to put his junk away.  I pulled down the ally and tapped the horn. He finally looked back and saw that I was a cab driver.  I motioned for him to get in and he did. At first he seemed unsure as to why I picked him up and was ready to jump out in a second. He was riding with his hand on the door handle and body leaning toward the door  for the first few minutes as I drove off. I broke the ice by asking:

Me: Long night?

Him: Oh god yes, too long and not what I wanted.

Me: So whats your story? I mean, I picked you up in an alley around strip club lane.

I was baiting him to see what he would come up with. We hear all kinds of stories as to why guys are wandering around this area at night when everything else is closed.  He sat for a second and then started telling me everything. It started as a night out with some buddies from high school. They were club hopping and ended up at Treasures around midnight (it’s now 6am).

One by one his buddies all left and he had no clue what time it was until one of the girls told him it was the end of her shift. She had to go. He asked the time and freaked out. His flight was in 3 hours and he had to get back to his room to pack.  On the way out he checked his wallet and noticed that he had no money left.  He then noticed all his credit cards were gone. At that point he freaked. After going to the doorman and being told there is nothing they can do for him, that it’s his responsibility to keep track of his stuff, he got mad. He came up with a plan. He was going to sit at the main stage as a girl was up there and just before she was done he would grab all the bills and run out.  He had no clue where he was but knew that he could find a cab somewhere.  The dance was almost over and the few guys left in the club got up to leave.

He jumped on stage and grabbed as much money as he could and ran out. On the way out he did it with style. He knocked over every chair and table he could and pushed two guys over at the door who were on their way out.

I was laughing my ass off at this point so bad I could hardly see the road.  He continued down the driveway and through the alley which is where I saw him first.  I stopped him there and said, I saw you there. I was driving by when you crossed the street. You got off that street just in time. The bouncers turned on the street just after you got off it. He started laughing at that point and then asked if he could use my phone to call someone.

We pulled up to the MGM, he paid up and got out. As I pulled off the property my phone rang. It was the number the guy had called. Come to find out, the guy dropped his phone on the way out of the club and the bouncers had found it. They called the last number, who was me, and started asking questions. When they called they acted like they knew me. When I told the guy I was a cabbie, he asked where Nate was. I told him I just dropped him off at the MGM. He then asked if I had gotten paid. I found this odd. Why is this guy’s buddy asking if I got paid? I let the guy on the phone know that Nate was on his way up to pack and should make the flight without an issue. That’s when the guy on the other end of the phone revealed who he was.

Guy on Phone: Thanks for all the info. We are on our way there but we’ll have to use the cops to do our job.

Me: What? Who is this?

Guy on Phone: I work at the strip club that he just ripped off. This guys isn’t going home if we get our way. We have film and his phone, he’s a dead man.

I just wished the guy luck and hung up the phone. I was never one to hang out at strip clubs but the few I went to back in the day seemed laid back and friendly. I would have never guessed this type of shit really happens and as offten as it sounds like it does. As far as Nate goes, I hope he learns from this and I kind of hope that whatever law enforcement gets involved, gives him a break. I mean come on, it takes some massive cojones to pull off that stunt.

You never know what you’re going to get

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Somedays driving can be a shitty job with an unexpected twist to the entertaining. Days like today start with a fare across town. I’m thinking this is going to be great. Nothings better then starting the day off with a good fare. One normally leads to another. That is until you get them to where they want to go and they try to pay you with a prepaid cell phone. Oh how I hate people sometimes. But unlike most other bad days this day soon had a weird twist to it that made me laugh.

About 2 hours later I picked up 3 sisters and would guess they ranged in age between 75 and 85. They were talking about needing sleep and complained that they just can’t party like they use to. Listening in on them chatting, I would guess they were up going on 24 hours ( I hope I can still do that when I’m in my 70’s). On the way back to their hotel, one of them found an ad for Chippendales and boy did they get excited. They were talking about wanting to see them tonight. The sister sitting up front next to me was kinda quiet about everything, until out of the blue she looks at me and asks in the sweet old lady accent –

“So can you see it all down there?”

Holy Cow! What is happening? I don’t know who’s more red but I come right back with a ” I really don’t know but I’m sure you see something”. So the other two sisters start going crazy and I realize they are just crazy and having fun. I let them know about what I believe to be a male strip club across the street from their hotel. I tell her ” I’m sure you can see everything you want and more overthere and it’s only a short walk.” All three of them go crazy at this point and start talking about walking over there.
So there you have it. A day as a hack is never a normal day and you never know what will come your way.Click here for an update

Drugs or Plant Food

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Over the years I’ve met people from all over the world and have found that you can’t always judge a book by its cover, well almost. I recently picked up a local from his condo who was in a hurry to get to his new store that had just opened. He got in the cab looking high as all hell but not smelling like weed, which about 3/4 of the people I take to work do.  He started talking up this new business he had started and bragged about how he’s “found a way around the system”.  He started telling me how all types of people, from cops to day-workers, have found out about this and have come in for help. He said that he’s the third store to open here in Las Vegas and he hopes to grow fast before the laws change. He also made it clear to me that if the laws can change, so can his ingredients. His store sells “Plant Food” so he says at first.

He started in on me by asking how often I’m asked for drugs. I tell him that as a day driver not too often. Mainly the night drivers are hit up for that. Day drivers mainly get asked about weed and that’s few and far between.  He then started discussing how  he needed to get us (cabbies) to help advertise and distribute for him, yes distribute, and no this really isn’t “plant food”.  I tried to explain that I don’t know too many driver that would do this due to the fact that we would never be able to drive in Las Vegas again if we got busted.  Once again, he started in on the legal side of things and explained how he got his store. The “plant food” is clearly marked that it’s not for human consumption.   It is sold as “plant food”. Oh what the hell- I almost have him to his store and I’m not going to win in this discussion, so I decided to just sit and listen.  When we got to the store  he handed me a baggy and two small jars.  He urged me to take a look, try it out, and let him know what I thought. I drive off trying to figure out what I’m going to do with this shit.  I call my wife and she says I should just dump them. So I did. 

 The next day, I found it odd that I picked up a group who started talking about this stuff. They were making fun of the guy who was trying to sell it. They said he looked “fried” and yet was trying to say it has no lasting effects and is 100% legal.  They had some of the same thoughts I did which was it was BULLSHIT. So I dropped them off and get myself a radio call for a condo pick up.  I start that way and find out it’s the same guy from yesterday, the “fried guy”! This happens all the time. I have a few regulars now because I try to work the same parts of town. 

I picked him up and took him back to work. He fills me in on more info about the “Spice” (that’s what they are calling it).  He told me more about the samples he had given me, what they do and how he gets the word out. I hear about how he goes to the clubs to sell and spread the word and once again how it’s “legal” because its “plant food”.  I listen to it all and wonder how long this new shit will last before we’ll start hearing about it on the news. The samples he gave me were “Spice”, “XTC”, and something similar to cocaine with a chemical compound on it “GBL” and”BZP”.

I decided to look it up and figure out whats really going into this stuff, you know the “plant food”. “Spice” aka legal weed,K2, or JWH-018  are a few ways it’s known, depending on where you get it and whats in it. I had a hard time getting a true answer on the web as to what it really is, but everything I saw was out of Germany and had to do with chemical compounds and labs. XTC was mainly a Chinese herb, Ephedrine, and caffeine.  The Cocaine was Cinnamon, Wasabi, and VERY HIGH levels of Caffeine (one small pill had more than 3 time the caffeine of any coffee or energy drink).

So basically think about the crap going into your body. I’m all for legalizing “real weed” (you know the shit you grow, not chemicaly engineer) because it is natural and it really isn’t worse than drinking. But, I have a hard time getting on board with these things that are made in a lab. And don’t forget, they have to sell it as “plant food”.  So be carefull while out there and have fun.

Welcome to Las Vegas

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As time went on I learned that my story telling skills and life experience will pay off as I figure out what I’m doing. In my first month I have been a family man, a club goer and everything in between. I find myself making things up about the city and where I’m from to make people feel that I’ve been doing this forever.  Most people fall for it but some start asking me shit about the clubs and what they’re like and which one is better than others.  Damn, what the hell, I’ve never been in these clubs. I’ve never enjoyed the club atmosphere nor the things that go on there, but I have to know because it’s my job. You may ask why I would stress out about this, I mean who care I’m a cab driver. Well let me run this past you.

I’m coming out of the Airport loaded with a couple from the UK. They are asking all the normal questions.  Whats that best hotel, where are the best restaurants and clubs. So I go down my normal list of  The Wynn, Yolies Brazilian Steak House, and hmm, Clubs…….. I don’t know (I still have never been to the clubs out here to this day). I wrack my brain and come up with the one club on the strip that is not part of a hotel, KRAVE. I tell them that KRAVE is the hottest club in town that they have great foam parties and the best music in Las Vegas. They couldn’t be happier and plan to go that night.  Good another fare taken care of the way a new driver does it.

I get sick of telling people random things and having no clue what I am really telling them. I need to do something to get the info I need but I have a family and don’t have the need or the urge to go check out all these places. So what else do I do but recruit my wife (a very understanding woman) to go walk the strip with me and get to know at least the hotels and some of their details.  I have her research all the clubs and I read up on as much as I can. When she goes over the things she has found my mouth drops to the ground and my heart stops.  Come to find out, KRAVE night club is billed as the “only gay club on the strip”.  HOLY SHIT!!!! I’ve sold so many people on that club never knowing what it was. Not that I care it’s a gay club, I always found the gay bars back home some of the best,  but I knew they were gay bars and went there with friends. All I could think of is the couple from the UK who were so excited to go. Oh and the two guys I told to go there because it has the hottest girls in town and they could easily pick up a date there. Lets not leave out the other about 10 to 15 groups I sent there. oops 

What a lesson I learned. But then again, all I could think was what a way to be welcomed to Vegas. I still send many people that way but I have learned to figure out my fares before leading them in the wrong direction.

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