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Praying To The East

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There is a lot of things you can say about a hack, but in Vegas you can’t say the industry isn’t diverse. When you talk about a hack in most cities 9 out of 10 times people will think about an Arab man wearing a turban.  This is such a common thought that even Hollywood uses this as comedic relief in their movies.

Here in Vegas we have about every region of the world represented and therefor we have all types of religion as well.  One nice thing is that with this diversity most everyone gets along. Most ethnicities hang out in the same groups but are always willing to bring anyone into their circles.  I love this and wish this was the case around the world.

Even though this is the way of most, we do have a few bad apples.  The most common issue we have is against anyone who prays to the east or does any type of religious ritual while working. For some reason people still have issues about things they don’t know much about other than what they’ve seen on FOX News, or “facts” they’ve gotten from a friend. During the day if you drive around any taxi hang out, you will see people on their mats praying. Most of them try to find dark corners to do this but we do have a few who are proud and don’t hide from the public.

Over the years I have seen many of these men get yelled at and have things thrown at them. I hate this and hope the people doing this to these people trying to mind their own business get whats coming to them.  Many of these drivers who pray during work have set up their houses as a safe prayer zones and have even got a restaurant to open their doors to them in the early morning to give shelter.  I love this but at the same time wish they didn’t have to go find places for them to go. They should be able to stop anywhere and do whatever they need to do to fulfill their religions practices.

To wrap this up I’m just asking for people to stop hating and educate themselves of what they are uncomfortable with. If  8,000 hacks can do it I think anyone out there can.  If you don’t feel that you can talk to people to educate yourself then I would like to introduce the world to the Internet.  It’s amazing what you can learn. 

Vegas Hack To Hollywood Hack

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I would like to look at yesterday as the beginning of my new life. I’m only going to offer this to a few of my favorite readers so listen closely. Send in a self-addressed stamped envelope to my cab and I’ll personally sign it and address it to whom ever you choose. Then once I get my PA (production assistant) assigned to me I’ll have him/her mail them right back out. But act now because this is a limited time offer and will end as soon as I name myself something like “The Hack” or maybe “The Vegas Situation”.


So you may be asking, what new life? What kind of crack am I smoking? Well let The Vegas Sitch fill you in on the GTL (gamble, talk, live).

You see, Hollywood found my blog and came pounding on my cab window. They spent weeks trying to get me to sit down with them about a reality show about ME and some of my fellow hacks. After making them sweat a while, I gave in and had a sit down with a big name producer (name withheld to not stroke my ego on how big I am). This guy was begging to start filming that moment but I had shit to do (shopping with the wife at Costco). So I told him to take all the info he has gathered and work out thelogistics and once I feel he’s got his shit together, we’ll talk some more. Mean while he can find me on the road living the GTL life.

Jokes aside, I just finished an audition for a reality show that will be based in Las Vegas about the inner workings of a cab company. Who knows if I will really make the cut and if it will even get off the ground, but it would be a fun thing to work on. Then you guys can read about what you’ll all be watching (holding gun to heads) and say “oh, I know that guy! We’re like this (holding fingers crossed)”.

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