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Thank A Cop

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Today is a good day for justice. As you have read in earlier posts a fellow cab driver was killed about a week ago. Las Vegas Metro Police have been very hush-hush on all the details of what really happened. Even though this is frustrating for the community it’s done for good reason and last nights report shows us why.
I pushed my post today to share this with you in honor of a fallen coworker. Please read and or watch the links below and thank a cop today for all the hard work they do despite the bad rap we all (including myself) give them.

Cops are still looking for this woman

News clip

I’ve posted more on my Facebook

STOP IT AMERICA, and other countries too

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This morning I had to find a different way to the strip, once again, due to nothing less than selfishness and stupidity. The reason for this is another DUI (driving under the influence) crash with fatalities. In a city as small as Las Vegas, we have more than enough taxi’s, buses, and other sober driving alternatives that this should never happen.
More often than not, the person who dies is not the one drinking. The drunks are able to walk away unharmed, for the most part. Las Vegas does have very liberal laws but is one of the strictest in DUI enforcement, so I’ve read.
On the up side, over the last 5 years locals have been taking taxis more and more to go out – which is nice. It would be even better if hotels forced valet. or at least a key check, in to all guests parking. Valet isn’t allowed to give the keys to a person appearing to be intoxicated and if they had a key check in for the self park maybe it would help the overall DUI problem.
All I’m trying to say is STOP. If you can afford to go out, plan a way home that does not include driving. If you’re visiting- take a cab, walk, or take the damn bus.
So let me make the message I’m trying to get across clear.


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