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Bolt-Down Speed Bumps

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I’ve written a few crazy stories but there are  some things that I just don’t know how to describe. So I take pictures to show these things to people. For some reason I’ve decided to try and describe this latest mishap. Don’t worry…. I have a picture to show at the end, just in case. It starts as I am driving through the underground taxi staging area at a hotel. I turn the corner and start to head out to the strip. I look to my left where the valet pulls up and see a car flying up the ramp not stopping. I slam on my brakes  and stop quick, thanks to the help of the bolt-down speed bumps a lot of the hotels are starting to use.   After the valet pulled through, I hit the gas but didn’t move for a second. Then the car jerked forward and I smelled rubber burning. I’m no mechanic but I know that’s not good so I stop. I get out and look but don’t see anything. So I try it again. The car jerks forward and stops and so do I. I get back out and then I see it. The bolt down speed bump found a way to fold in half and wedge itself up into my cars undercarriage. So I call my supervisor and wait to have them move the car because lord knows I’m not going to be able to explain this and I don’t want to be blamed for anything. Luckily everything was fine but this is just another example of the crazy things that I deal with that most others never will.

Good Luck Chuck

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It’s 4:30am and the streets in the residential parts of Vegas are still quiet. Well, they were until I unleashed Chuck on them. Chuck is a 86-year-old man who has lived out here for about 40 years. He has trouble walking and seems to have slight memory loss but all in all seems to have it together.
This morning I’m the lucky driver who gets the call to pick him up. I get close to his apartments and call. He says he’ll meet me out side because he doesn’t know the gate code. I get there and help him in and put his walker in back. He calmly says “I’m going to my brothers.” he gives me the cross streets and says he’ll give me the turn by turn from there. As I pull up he gets me into a neighborhood and  says” STOP. THAT’S IT. I’LL BE BACK”. The next thing I know, he’s tossing me his wallet and says “here take it. I don’t have money so he better come through or else.” At this time, he let’s out a scream “GEORGE, GEORGE!”. Not happy that George did come running out, he starts crying and screaming. He runs up to the house (leaving his walker) and starts beating on the windows. Not happy that no one is answering, he goes to the next house and starts all over again. At this point, I realize his brother doesn’t live here and I need to get him out of here before the cops show up. I get him to come back to the car and calm him down enough to get a street name out of him. It only took ten minutes. I look it up and drive about a mile up from where we were. As I pull down the street he screams at me, “STOP THE FUCKING CAR THERE”. He sees his car, come to find out. He jumps back out and runs up to the house. He starts to banging on the windows and yelling once again. I decide I should call the Taxi Authority(TA) for help. Not only does this guy not have money but I don’t think his brother is going to have any either, that is if this really is his brother’s place. While waiting for the TA to show, he disappears. Next thing I know a shirtless man comes out of the house that Chuck was banging on with a bat in hand ready to kick some ass. Thank god Chuck was not there. I explained to him it’s some crazy old man looking for his brother George. He said he didn’t know a George and went back in.
Chuck comes stumbling out of another house and I see the door slam on him. He is crying louder than ever and starts coming back to the car. I take his walker out and tell him the cops are on the way and he’s not getting back in till I get some cash. The crying gets louder as he goes back to the door and bangs on it for a good five minutes. He once again starts down the driveway as the door flys open. I hear a voice yell “hey fuck-head. Come get some cash and get the fuck out of here. I’m done with you and this shit”. Chuck didn’t go back, so the man came out wearing nothing but his birthday suit and throw some money on the yard and went back in. (you never know here in Vegas) Chuck, still crying, asked me to help him get the money. So I got out and got the money owed to me and wished him luck as I got back in the car to pull off.
As I make the u-turn to leave, TA pulls up and I’m sure they were thankful they didn’t really have to work. But while I talked to them, Chuck gets in the car and drives off. He’s about two blocks down and hits the curb. I smack my head and hope he makes it to wherever he’s going.

Good luck Chuck.

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