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Irish Rage

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I pull up to a hotel that has the hottest night club in Vegas and get one guy going to another hotel on the opposite end of the strip. I ask how he’s doing and get a response I didn’t expect. In a heavy Irish accent he says,”I’ll be fine once I kick his ass”. I laugh thinking it may be a joke but after he goes in to the story about this guy stealing his woman, and so on and so forth, I know he’s really going kick ass.

About half way there he hands me a one hundred-dollar bill and asks if I could wait for him . I told him of course, but if he’s not back down in 30 minutes I’m leaving and keeping the change. He assured me that it would only take him about 10 minutes and he was ok with that deal.

As I got closer to the hotel we hit some traffic. He really started to get impatient and asked if he could just jump out and meet me in front when he’s done. I told him he has to let himself out and I’ll meet him wherever. He then wrote my cab number down and off he ran. Like a wild animal I watched him weave in and out of the cars until he found a side door to go in for his hotel.

I kept going until I got to the front of his hotel. I started to tweet about this guy and before I knew it, he was back in my cab.

Sweaty as hell he said, “take me back please”, referring to the club. Once again, I had to laugh. I asked how it went.

He said, “he’s going to think twice before doing this shit again. After kicking his ass I took his room key and tossed him out the room. He’s not on the room so he can’t get back in”.

He laughed his ass off the whole way back to the club.

Praying To The East

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There is a lot of things you can say about a hack, but in Vegas you can’t say the industry isn’t diverse. When you talk about a hack in most cities 9 out of 10 times people will think about an Arab man wearing a turban.  This is such a common thought that even Hollywood uses this as comedic relief in their movies.

Here in Vegas we have about every region of the world represented and therefor we have all types of religion as well.  One nice thing is that with this diversity most everyone gets along. Most ethnicities hang out in the same groups but are always willing to bring anyone into their circles.  I love this and wish this was the case around the world.

Even though this is the way of most, we do have a few bad apples.  The most common issue we have is against anyone who prays to the east or does any type of religious ritual while working. For some reason people still have issues about things they don’t know much about other than what they’ve seen on FOX News, or “facts” they’ve gotten from a friend. During the day if you drive around any taxi hang out, you will see people on their mats praying. Most of them try to find dark corners to do this but we do have a few who are proud and don’t hide from the public.

Over the years I have seen many of these men get yelled at and have things thrown at them. I hate this and hope the people doing this to these people trying to mind their own business get whats coming to them.  Many of these drivers who pray during work have set up their houses as a safe prayer zones and have even got a restaurant to open their doors to them in the early morning to give shelter.  I love this but at the same time wish they didn’t have to go find places for them to go. They should be able to stop anywhere and do whatever they need to do to fulfill their religions practices.

To wrap this up I’m just asking for people to stop hating and educate themselves of what they are uncomfortable with. If  8,000 hacks can do it I think anyone out there can.  If you don’t feel that you can talk to people to educate yourself then I would like to introduce the world to the Internet.  It’s amazing what you can learn. 

Not Just Any Tip

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Tips are a huge part of our business. We are always looking forward to that big tip that revitilizes us when we’re having an off day. Sometimes it’s not just money that does that.
The other day I had a family in my cab. When we got to the hotel the little boy came running up to me and says “thank you, I have a tip for you because you got us to here without dieing in a crash.” He reaches his hand out and puts a little boys most prized possession in my hand.

I have to say its probably one of the best tips I’ve ever got.

Am I an Aussie?

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Days Like this make me remember why I like my job, at least one day a month.  It’s close to the end of my shift and I’m downtown hoping to get at least one more fare before I have to turn it in for the day. I head to the marriage bureau, where I at least had a chance, and a group of four come out.  They get in my cab and off we go to the Las Vegas Outlet Center.  A nice group from Australia gets themselves settled at the next stop light (get out and change seats which happens more than the TA would like but who cares). We go down the strip because they want video on the way that they havent been able to get yet. I find out that the young couple is getting hitched the next day and from what I can tell, the other two ladies were their moms (or something to that effect). They start talking about all the stops they plan on thier trip and make it clear that they are on a world tour. One thing I wish more Americans could do is travel like people from other countries do.  I hear the older two women inform the younger lady about some things that they should do on their travels (and the do’s and don’ts). Did you know in Singapore (I think she said) they will publicly flog you for littering.      

As we are heading down there, I suggest the Welcome to Las Vegas sign for the popular photo-op most people forget about.  I pull up and get out to help with the picture. I take the group and then the younger girl pulls out a gnome from the backpack shes holding.  They tell me of a Australian tradition of traveling with a gnome that you’ve stolen from someones yard and you take photos of it on your travels. Then upon your return, you put it back where it came from with the photo book of its travel memories.

They thought I would think that’s dumb. Little did they know that I love shit like that and wish people out here would do things like that without the worries of getting into trouble or getting shot. Then they asked if I would take a picture with it. HELLS TO THE YEAH I WOULD. So I’m a little crazy like that. I love doing silly stuff and that was right up my alley.  So now I ask, does that make me an honorary Aussie or what? I hope so! They seem to be cool people. Almost everyone I’ve had from Australia is nice and out for fun. Besides, I could move there for our winters  and enjoy their summer. HHHMMM I think I’m onto something. Plus, I think I could finally find someone to control my dogs.

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