Knowing your driver

I’ve been a “Hack” (CabDriver; Defined in Webster as : working for hire especially with mediocre professional standards) in Las Vegas for 5 years now.  I am one of the younger drivers in town who figured it out quick. I tend to be accepted by the “old timers” more then the “Young Punks”. I like to look at myself as a very old feeling and thinking 29 year old.

Growing up I had a crazy plan of working in all types of work and started a list of dream jobs that just sounded cool. What do you know the list has almost been checked off completly. I’ve dug ditches to managed a large multi million dollar company, all with very little college.  I started driving cab to simply check off another job from the list. Little did I know that I would be stuck here for longer than I wanted due to the economy and needing to take care of my family.  

I was told to start this blog to share my stories I’ve gathered over the years. Ive been talking about writing a book with the same theme but this will have to do for now. You may ask how many stories can you have in only 5 years. Well, as I said, I’ve made friends with the old timers. So I plan to take you though my life as a Hack and share some of the stories I’ve heard over the years.

9 Responses to “Knowing your driver”

  1. Just wanted to pop your comment cherry!

  2. That’s cool about the list of dream jobs. I’m new to your blog. Is that list posted somewhere?

    Looking forward to digging deeper into your blog!

    • No list posted yet just getting things going, but slowly. I hope to get more up soon but working on the road and from my phone makes it hard. I just teamed up with the wife to help get thing up quicker. Thanks for checking me out.

  3. Wow: “I’ve dug ditches to managed a large multi million dollar company”

    You certainly have some very interesting posts that makes great reading, you’re now on my follow list 🙂

    Will also be adding you to the resources section of my site ( Would be an honor to get on your ‘Places before you go’ list.

    Hope to connect soon

  4. Having been to LV a few times, this blog appeals to me. I think you’ve got a unique perspective of “what goes on in Vegas.”

  5. Found your blog via thypolar. She told me to say that. Truthfully, I fancied the thought of checking you out before she started rearranging all the thoughts in my head. I have a friend that’s a cab driver and I have always entertained the idea of being one, or maybe a chauffeur. Will love tagging along for the free ride. P.S. Love the Cash Cab show on TV. Bet you will be just as entertaining!

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