Facebook For President

When your job is to be on the roads of Las Vegas for up to 12 hours a day, you see a lot of crazy shit.  I’ve seen a lot over the years and every once in a while I’m able to snap a picture. I wish I had a camera open and ready to shoot in seconds but the sad reality is that I can only get a few.  I’ve run across the TV show COPS filming a hooker being arrested….

and seen a woman dressed in all black from head to toe as she turned heads in the middle of summer walking the streets in 110 degree temperatures.

But the one that thing that has stood out the  most, is this guy

Why did he stand out you may ask?

I see him almost everyday. I don’t only see him on The Strip. I’ve seen him as far off The Strip as as about 15 miles off, in the residential parts of town.

It’s not his hat or the flag he has stuck in it that caught my attention. No, it was his shirt

Yes, acording to this guy Facebook is the President of the world.  Everyday it’s the same clothes, hat and flag. The only thing that ever changes on this guy is some of his accessories.

Not too long ago, I finally had a chance to try to talk with him. I was on a charter and while parked outside of a store he walked by. I honked my horn and waved him over. He stopped and looked at me with a worried look on his face. I’m sure he as good reason to be worried because I’m sure many people just give him crap and make fun of him. So to try and earn his trust I held out a bottle of water and a bag of craisens (that’s all I had left in my lunch). He stopped and walked over and in a strong accent he said, “thank you” as he grabbed them. I asked if I could talk to him for a minute. I explained that I had seen him all over town and was wanting to ask a few questions so I had answers for my customers who asked about him.

He said, “no understand, no no no”. He turned and ran with his flag tucked under his arm, waterbottle and craisens in one hand and waving to me with the other.

So I have a new mission. Yes, I will not be happy until I can get this guy to talk to me. Even if it’s a broken English conversation, I won’t be happy until its done. I’m good at communicating in broken English so wish me luck. If I run into him again I’ll be sure to update you all.

14 Responses to “Facebook For President”

  1. You becoming obsessive over some stranger who could be classified as “unstable” is a new thing why? After all, you are married to me. 🙂 Love you!

  2. ryoko861 Says:

    Oh, this should be good! Just make sure you have the water and craisins in hand-the bait!

  3. Where do you find these guys Hacking? Seriously… Vegas can’t be just a collection of nutjobs like this dude? Either way, I hope you succeed with you mission, there will be another amazing blog!

  4. Can hardly wait for an update!

  5. So, holy shit. I came across your blog last night because I’m a computer science student at UNLV and I was Googling for local programming meetups. I read the bit about the Facebook guy, and thought it was pretty funny. Wouldn’t you know, I saw this guy today!

    I started taking the CAT bus to campus a couple of days ago. I was standing at the bus stop today, and all of a sudden I hear this honking/beeping noise. I initially thought it was a truck backing up down the street. But it kept getting louder, so I looked down Maryland Pkwy and saw someone with a blue shirt on a bike, honking their horn as they came down the street. And let me tell you, this shit was loud.

    Because of the blue shirt, I thought it was a bike cop pulling someone over with their horn (which would have been hilarious too). But as he got closer, I could see he was some kind of freak — and then I saw the flag and it clicked! — That’s the dude from the blog from last night!

    He then pulled into the mall across from UNLV where I was waiting, chained up his bike, and walked into the pizzeria. I had 10 minutes before my bus, so I was tempted to go and try to talk to him like you did, but I ended up not having the guts.

    The guy has a new shirt now, and a bike, like I said. He was bald and didn’t have a hat like in the photo. The shirt has an updated message, too — It says the Facebook…President thing, but it also has something about Israel and the middle east. His bike seat has a cardboard sign attached to it that says “Gaza.”

    The funniest part about it all was the air of nonchalance with which he walked into the pizzeria after making such a commotion out in the street.

    Anyway, that was a funny coincidence today. Just came home and wanted to share it with you on your blog.

    • That’s Awesome. I’ve been seeing him more and more. I really want to stop him and get him to talk to me but I’m having a hard time stopping him. The day I do I will have to write a new post. Hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read. Thanks for sharing.

      • Just saw this guy again. I have seen him for the last 5 years all around UNLV when i started in 2007. I live across the street from UNLV and see him almost on a daily basis. I would like to know his story but am always driving when I see him, glad to know that he speaks broken English.

  6. His name is Jim Strohl (Jimmy). He doesnt speak with an accent, he was just trying to fool you. He’s from St. Louis and he’s a former professional boxer, ever notice he wears boxing trunks? He has pugilistic dementia, after suffering a few bad losses by knockout and TKO. He once fought at Cesar’s Palace. He also used to be a substitute teacher here in Vegas. He is unstable, but not as much so as he lets on. All this crap about Palestine, Free Masons, and all the stuff he goes on and on about started with him being denied his boxing license after his last bout. He’s been obsessing on this stuff ever since. But make no mistake, he’s not a total loon, he’s just very upset about all the stuff that happened to him and this is how he’s manifesting it.

  7. I live on Maryland parkway, right across from unlv. I am fascinated by this guy. At one point he got a bunch of the free usps flat rate boxes, wrote “Facebook president of the world” on them and duct taped them all up and down Maryland.
    I need to know what his deal is. Did he sound Palestinian? What sort of accent?

  8. I finally spoke with him. He’s really nice and speaks native English he is from / grew up in Utah. He is half Palistinian. He did not want to speak to me at first but I finally said I was Syrian (which I am) and he was very friendly and coherent. Also not anti semetic, just anti Israeli expansionism. Which I actually fully agree with. So yeah. Was very cool.

  9. I went to High School with Jim and he’s not as deranged as people may think. He’s had a rough spot in life but he’s still a good guy!!

  10. God Bless This Guy!

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