$20 to go…

First call of a VERY slow morning was a no go. Normally I get pissed when that happens but this time it turned out to be the best call I’ve had in a while.


I pull up to this little dive bar in North Las Vegas where I pick up at least ten times a week. They never go far but a ride is a ride. The bartender pokes his head out and asks me to give him a minute and he’ll get the guy out soon. It was slow that morning so I sat and waited.

Soon the door flew open and a guy comes stumbling out. He holds the railing on the walkway heading to the cab. As the rail ends he makes a leap of faith toward the cab and falls up against it. He opens the door and leans in asking in a the most slurred drunken voice I’ve heard in a while, “how much does it cost NOT to go home?” I said, “I don’t know, if you want to give me $10 for wasting my time that would be cool”. He said, “no problem” and reaches in his wallet and started digging for the money. The bartender was standing behind him the whole time and tells him, “NO, you’re cut off. If you think you’re going to stay here you’re paying him $20 or I’m not letting you back in”. The guy got pissed and had a few choice words for the bartender but promptly handed me a $20 bill.

He then told the bartender to take him back in and stop being a jackass.

Off they went and so did I with the meter shorted but my pocket a little fatter. So if anyone is ever wondering how much it costs to not go home, it’s now $20 if you call my cab.


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4 Responses to “$20 to go…”

  1. Good to know the going rates.
    Thanks :)

  2. Too funny! At least you got a little cash, and some entertainment, from the episode. :)

  3. Whoa, didn’t want to go home? Can’t imagine what waited for him there! It must have been worth $20. You probably could have upped the anti and made it $50!

  4. Fleastiff Says:

    Up the ante? Just mention the word “wife” and he would have made it fifty dollars for sure.
    Most cabbies get “bar calls” and don’t like them because they are often “no shows”. The bartender calls the cab while standing in front of the drunk at the bar as a ploy to make the drunk leave. Or it can simply be a situation of Girl Is Drunk, Girl Calls Cab, Girl Is Propositioned By Some Loser, Girl Decides Waking Up Next to Loser Is Better Than Waking Up Alone, Girl Leaves Before Cab Arrives.

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