I’m Back… I think…

I’ve been avoiding writing a new post for some reason. Life has been a little crazy with the family, work and just life in general, as my Twitter followers may know, but enough is enough. Here is something I found while looking up some pics for my next post.  Guess what it is without going to the blog I got it from

12 Responses to “I’m Back… I think…”

  1. ryoko861 Says:

    Ariel view of Las Vegas?

  2. Whatever it is…it’s pretty.

  3. Life has been crazy but I know how much you love to tell your stories 🙂 If I could type it all up for you I would. Wait! What the fuck am I saying? I don’t have that kind of time…

    Let’s hire someone to type for us, shall we? That would leave more extra time for “__________” (insert whatever you like as long as it involves handcuffs and alcohol)

    • Thy and I are accepting applications for a ghost writer who doesn’t mind dictation while we play with handcuffs and alcohol. Oh and you must be able to focus through the sounds of whip cracking and more

  4. I’d say it’s an ariel view of Vegas as well.

  5. charliebrown Says:

    Trick question? All I had to do was click on it and it showed exactly what it is….

  6. Vegas from the Intl Space Station? And….welcome back….but if you leave again….. we will have to kill you……..

  7. I agree with Speaketh. Don’t do that to us again. I just found you!

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