Hit and Run Or Assault

As my twitter followers know, I had another incident at work last week. This one pushed me over the edge and got me to try to get local media involved in order to better protect myself and fellow hacks in Las Vegas. It started with a typical fare pick up at a resort where I was taking the second half of a large group to the outlets.  As I was pulling down the driveway I had a van next to me. For no apparent reason he started to come into my lane. This is common so I tapped my horn a few times hoping he would correct himself. Instead he continued to try to run me up the curb into the planter. I laid on my horn as I pulled up to the stop light.

The driver of the van opened his door, jumped out and started to run to my driver’s door. I thought I was ok because our cabs have auto lock doors when you put them in gear. Little did I know mine were not working that day.  He grabbed my door handle and flung it open.  He was yelling at me asking why I didn’t stop at the stop sign behind us. I couldn’t help but laugh and said,

“I’m sorry my stop wasn’t good enough for you but what gives you the right to come at me the way you did?”

Well, I guess that wasn’t the best way to handle it because he responded by saying, “Fine! I’ll come at you like this”, as he took a swing at me. I leaned away from it and he missed. I was able to grab my door and slam it shut before he had time for another swing. I locked the door, hit the panic button on my camera and radioed into dispatch what was happening.

By now my fare is freaking out and screaming bloody murder. My dispatcher didn’t make things any better. When I called in, the dispatcher couldn’t get my cab number right if her life depended on it.  It took 5 times for her to finally repeat the proper number. I chalked it up to the crappy radios the company put in not too long ago. Then I told her what just happened and gave her a description of  the man, his van & his license plate number. Once again I repeated myself 5 times before she repeated the proper plate number.  At this point I’m getting pissed. I’ve given this person who is supposed to be there to take information from me a lot of things I couldn’t write and I was sure that none of it was taken properly.

After he drives off I pulled my cab to a side road and parked.  My Fare was scared but I was trying to explain that I needed a statement from them.  But just as one of them was willing to do it my dispatcher said that the police ran the plate and it came back as invalid. She repeated the number back to me and to no surprise  she had written it down wrong. I remembered all but one letter and knew it was one of 2 options. I gave her the right plate number with both possibilities and waited to hear back. She then came back and said that both Metro and the Taxi Authority (TA) were not going to respond but that the TA wanted me to go to their office when I was done so they can do the paperwork needed. My fare had enough and hailed a cab out of there.

I couldn’t believe that this lady caused two different police agencies to not respond. Twenty minutes later, a Metro Traffic Officer pulled up and I found out why they didn’t come. He was sent for a Hit and Run car vs car crash. Nothing in the call said there was an assault. He asked if TA was going to handle it and after hearing they were, he pulled off. When my Supervisor found out that the call said nothing about the assault he called the TA and filled them in on what was really happening. They still didn’t want to send anyone out and wanted me to just come to the office still.

So off I went…

17 Responses to “Hit and Run Or Assault”

  1. I’m glad you’re ok!

  2. ryoko861 Says:

    That had to be scary! Again, something has to be done! It may risk losing your job, but someone is going to get killed (happened already). Then what is the company going do? Sweep it under the rug like they always do? That’s BS! Get the media involved and get a lawyer if you have to. And what’s with the dispatcher? Maybe she needs to clean her ears out.

  3. I’m glad you’re OK too. I’d be tempted to carry a gun. Sheesh.j

  4. So glad that you are ok. Maybe you should start writing down your own info just in case.

    • I try to when I can But when you are following someone or they are running sometimes you just can’t. That what dispatch is for… But then you see how much they have helped me over time :-/

  5. Well, I am happy you are okay. It’s a shame how local authoroties handled this….

    • Thank You. The Metro Police I understand why they did what they did. They assumed the Taxi Police would do their job. The Taxi Authority Is the one who should be shamed

  6. firecracker3 Says:

    So unfortunate. Your at risk and even more so with others not there to support you when you DO need it.

  7. That’s just ridiculous. You need to rally for better support anyway you possibly can. Its unfortunate that it seems that it is going to take something huge to get the attention that is needed. Rally brother RALLY!

  8. Sorry to like this mate, but I know how ya feel dealing with work colleagues like this.

    Hopefully a procedure gets put in place and is actually followed.

    Really enjoying your posts by the way.

  9. Fleastiff Says:

    I’d atleast have a tape recorder with you with the “on” switch near the panic button.

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