Big Business Dies

Cab drivers are called all kinds of things but the last thing I thought we would be called is loyal customers.  Most cabbies I know are looking for the latest and greatest when it comes to places to go. But one place all cabbies can agree on is what convenience store to stop at for all our needs.  What’s the name of this store? I couldn’t tell you if my life depended on it and I’m sure I’m not the only one.  This was the only store that was shown to me on my first day of “training”. I was told, “you can piss anywhere but if you need anything else come here. They’ve got it”. On my first day on my own I had to go in and see what the hell my trainer was talking about and the best way to describe it is WalMart in a broom closet. It had everything from cloths to slots.

I started going there everyday to get my water bottle and news paper.  The staff found out that I was a cabbie and let me know that if there is ever a line just grab what I need and leave the money in the counter. If I need change just wave the bill so they can see it and they will have it ready. JACKPOT!!! I can walk in and out in under 60 sec and not have to wait  the average 5 mins at the 7-11 store up the street. So of course almost every cabbie stops by there.  Over the years about 5 other shops tried to open there and were gone within a year. Even the cafe that called themselves “Taxi Stop” went under. Yes the no name store we all go to even has a kitchen and serves food.

About 6 months ago I noticed that another convenient store was going in, but this one had big money backing it. It was 7-11 going in about 300 feet away. I could tell that the guys at our shop were worried at first but started to change things up.  They expanded their menu of fresh “grab and go” food and made sure that the restroom was always in working order. On the opening day of the 7-11 there were big signs and flags and every grand opening gimic you could imagine. The only thing the 7-11 was missing was the customers.  I think every time I drove by for nearly two weeks the parking lot was empty.  Over time, a few out of state cars were parked over there and a cab or two, but for the most part it still looks like this everyday.  I took this picture about two weeks ago (5 months after opening)

Big Business

Local Business

19 Responses to “Big Business Dies”

  1. That’s great that the local store is so accomodating for cabbies!

  2. fnkybee Says:

    I get a feeling of excitement when I see a big chain not make it and local businesses thrive! That’s great! Sticking my tongue out at the big chains.. NaNa NaNa Boo boo!

  3. I get a cruel sense of satisfaction from this, where the local business for once beat the big names. The starts know it’s the other way round much too often…

  4. ryoko861 Says:

    Three cheers for the little guy!!!

    I’ve only been to a 7-11 once. And that was only because my son wanted something from there. I was just the chauffeur.

    7-11 can go under and I wouldn’t miss it a bit!

    • I love some of the things that 7-11 offers and I feel they have their spot in the quick stop type of stores but to try and take down an established store is ridiculous especially when there are so many locations out there

  5. Looks familiar, this the one down by the T&M?

  6. All I could see was a dirty window 😀

  7. charliebrown Says:

    7-11’s are owned by individual franchisees so its not like the little independent store knocked out a Walmart or something.

    What Vegas really needs is for someone to start taking down the big casino chains (Caesars & MGM) before the whole city is one big megacorporation. Bring back the mob!

    • They may be owned by individual franchisees but are still big business back. the ma&pa stores buy more local and tend to back community events more than the big name backed stores. The big guys have their place but it’s nice to see small guys win too. As for the MOB I Agree 100%

  8. Face it, cabbies are PIGS and The Asian Store caters to that,

    Personally I patronize the 7-11 since they opened. I do so because the people are nicer and the bathroom is clean. Coffee is much better as well.

  9. I love to see the mom and pop stores do well. They cater to the locals and appreciate the business. People aren’t just a bottom line to them.

  10. Fleastiff Says:

    Oh’s Convenient Store.

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