My First EDC Ride

Electric Daisy Carnival or EDC for short was a blast to work. The wife and I went shopping the day before I went to work and I made sure to stock up on glow sticks and other glow toys which are big at Raves. I got to work and decked my cab out with glow toys all over it and hit the road. It didn’t take long. Within the first hour I had my first ride out to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway which is where EDC was being held. With DJ BL3ND “CLub Mix” filling the cab with beats, it didn’t take long for my fare to grab a few of the glow sticks that I had hanging in the cab and the party was on.  I had heads bobbing  and hands flying with streaks from the glow sticks in my rearview mirror the whole way out.  As I pulled up to the Speedway they asked why the rides in Vegas weren’t always this fun and asked why I wasn’t going to EDC. I simply said, “If I were there how boring would your cab ride have been?” They jumped out wished me a good night and headed to the party.

That left me sitting in line at the Speedway hoping to get a ride out of there. It was still kind of early but there were people leaving so I stayed to grab a ride out.  I could hear the music and could see the lights but that wasn’t what entertained us while we waited, no that was left up to this guy

world's only juggling cab driver Courtesy of @dribbleglass "Pulse of Vegas Blog"


This is a Co-worker of mine Daniel Mann who entertains his fares from point A to point B and then some. He happened to be at the Speedway and was giving the drivers a show.

After this, it felt like the line moved in light speed and I was next up. I got my ride out of there and it felt like deja vu. They were even going back to the same hotel. So far nothing crazy just a different type of fare than I would normally get, but that was while the night was still young.

you can see more from Dan The Mann by googleing “world’s only juggling cab driver”, or searching you tube “Taxi Rodeo Vegas”, “Elivis Cab Vegas” and much more

5 Responses to “My First EDC Ride”

  1. fnkybee Says:

    Glow sticks…techno..bumping beats…”other things”…I just had a flash back to when I was 20 and hitting raves all the time. My stomach just turned. 😉

  2. ryoko861 Says:

    That’s awesome! What a great idea to draw passengers to you!!! YOU SMART GUY!
    And Mr. Mann!! He’s definitely in the right town!!
    Stuff like that takes the boredom out of the everyday fare!

  3. Glow sticks, really? LMFAO. I thought they were outdated, but apperantly they are not. Hehe. Sounds like a cool plan man! You for sure will have stood out

  4. TheIdiotSpeaketh Says:

    I would pay to see Daniel juggle 3 cats on You Tube… me….it’s hard….. 🙂

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