Who’s Amy


The other day I got a call to pick up from a local hospital ER. We get these all the time and most are just people feeling like crap after a night of too many drinks and drugs. But this one was a little different.

I pulled up and a man and woman came out and got in. They were headed to a hotel about 5 miles away and little did I know it would be a long awkward drive. After I asked where they were going, it was quiet for about a minute. Then she spoke ~

Her: I had your phone while you were passed out.

Him: oh, ah, ok…. thanks

Her: Who’s Amy?

Him: eeehhhh…… A friend from home.

Her: Why is she asking if I’m asleep?

Him: ……… I don’t know…. Why did you read my messages?

Not only did she read his text messages, but she had been texting Amy nonstop over the previous two hours. Come to find out, Amy had planned a trip to Vegas before he made plans to come with his new girl. So now his new girl is probing into who Amy really was to him while sitting in the back of my cab. By the sound of her voice and the way she asked certain questions, she already knew every answer prior to asking the question. Amy was his ex-fiancé. The reason they broke it off was because he had done this same thing to her.

The 12 min ride consisted of her asking questions, him not really answering them and then her answering the questions for him. The two girls actually ended up exchanging numbers and were planing to have lunch before they left. The guy was dumbfounded.

I pulled up to the hotel and opened their doors. She got out and started into the hotel. As he got out he asked her to wait for him. She turned her head as she kept walking and said the best thing ever.

“Why should I wait? You’re not getting back in the room. It’s in my name and I’ll have the bell desk take your bags. Good bye”


14 Responses to “Who’s Amy”

  1. It sucks that happened to her, but that’s the best response ever!

  2. fnkybee Says:

    BAM! That was awesome! Score: GF 1 Toolbag 0

  3. What an ass. The best payback is that he’ll be alone for the rest of his life. The only woman willing to put up with that shit isn’t one worth keeping around anyways.

    Good for her! I’m sure she’s happier with her vibrator anyways 🙂

  4. firecracker3 Says:

    Some guys just are not keepers. Is that a “fuck-n-chuck” tattoo on him!?!? 🙂

  5. A classic case of a ass. Man, I hate guys like this.

  6. ryoko861 Says:

    She wasn’t going to be another one of his bitches. She realized what a loser he was.

    Sad thing is there’s another woman out there who’ll fall for him.

  7. Poor guy first the ER now he loses his GF.
    What’s next? Dog comes and pee’s on his leg? Let’s hope so!

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