Vegas and Relationships

One thing Vegas can do is destroy a relationship. I see and hear it almost everyday in the back of my cab. I decided to share one story with you today because it was truly a first for me. Vegas is known for its sex, drugs and gambling but some people don’t know how to control themselves.

I see and hear many guys and gals cheating on their significant others. But most of the time it’s the guys bragging to their buddies and gals crying because “that’s not the type of person they are”. But this time it was a wife and her husband in my cab. He wasn’t talking about cheating and technically she wasn’t either, well not yet at least. What she was saying though was not what I typically hear.

Her: So honey, have you heard that Vegas has male escorts?

Him: No, I knew about the female ones but never the male.

Her: I was talking it over with the girls and we decided we need to have some fun while we are out here.

Him: What are you getting at?

Her: Well we were thinking to mix things up the three of us would get ourselves escorts tomorrow and if you guys wanted you can do the same.

Him: Um….. OK….. aahhh…. well….

Her: It’s going to be fun. Everyone in Vegas does it. Just go with it, you’ll see

Him: um…. I guess. I don’t know what you’re trying to do but if that’s what you want then I guess.  Besides, it sounds like you have your mind made up.

As I pulled up to let them out they continued to talk about it. The last thing I heard was…

Her: You know I love you but…….

This is just another example of what Vegas really isn’t about.  My wife and I started our life together out here. While I know we are not the “norm”, we like to think that Vegas is really what you make of it.

“What Happens In Vegas Moves To Vegas”


13 Responses to “Vegas and Relationships”

  1. ryoko861 Says:

    I would be so lost in Vegas. Way to fast for me. CSI is about all I can handle.

  2. I love how people try and use Vegas (or anywhere else for that matter) as an excuse for doing something they know is either wrong or will upset their significant other. *facepalm*

    Gee, here’s a novel idea … be an adult and be honest. sheesh

  3. That’s why I want to move to Vegas! I feel like I’m missing out on so many adventures.

  4. Haha, well, I guess it’s just an excuse that people use to act out of the ordinary. So if you need a place to find such an excuse, vegas would the one to go to I guess. So I guess you are right. Vegas is what people make of it.

  5. I am learning that when B and I were out there we were pretty damn boring. haha! It was for business tho so we will see when he get out there next time.

  6. If that were Kiefer’s suggestion, he’d have been pushed out of your cab.

    Love the Cyanide and Happiness pic!

  7. I would unlock the door for you. 8)

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