Fighting For His M.I.L.F.

Security came out with a guy and loaded my next fare. While they were bringing him out he’s yelling, “I just want to fuck that M.I.L.F”. So with that said, here is the fare’s side of the story.

He gets in all pissed off until I ask him, “what the hell did they do to you?”. I had him at that point. He started bragging about everything.

His story:

So I’ve been coming to this hotel for years now and they’ve always taken care of me. For some reason this trip they decided that I was out of line. For what? I don’t know, but I think they’re jealous of my skills with the ladies. I think they are pissed that I was taking all the ladies from the other guests. All weekend I had them hanging on me and wanting to get in my pants. I mean, this is nothing new while I’m here. They should know this. But this week I guess I pissed them off with my newest fan.

The hottest cocktail waitress in the hotel wanted me. I guess she was one of the “big guys” girls but she couldn’t help herself. She brought me drink after drink and came to me more than most waitresses do. She wanted me so bad everyone could see it. So I was sitting at the machine when I decided to make my move. She leaned over me to set my drink down and made sure her tits were right there. I mean, come on. She was asking me to do it. So I turned my chair, wrapped my arms around her and put my face firmly between them. She was acting like she didn’t want me there, but I knew it was just a show for her boss. I told her, “it’s ok, I’ll fuck you”.

Next thing I know I was being taken to the ground by security and thrown out. I tried to explain what she was doing and they didn’t want to hear it. They were just jealous that I was going to score. As they ware walking me out they told me that I was no longer welcome at that hotel and that if I came back I would go to jail. I was pissed. All I wanted was that M.I.L.F. and they couldn’t handle it.

So, when he was done with his little story he asked me if I understood. Could I believe that they would do that crap? I could only say, “here’s your airline”. As I unloaded his bag, he paid me and I completed my talk with, “you fuckin ass wipe. It’s her job. You’re an old man and I doubt your wife even wants you”. Yes he was wearing his wedding ring. I then got in the car before he could say anything back and drove off.

Vegas brings the best out in people.


19 Responses to “Fighting For His M.I.L.F.”

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh Says:

    The moron was obviously a legend in his own mind….. Good for you for bringing him back to earth!

  2. Yep….he’s a keeper!

  3. ryoko861 Says:

    What a douche. He really thought he was all that??? His home life must really suck. But people like that never listen. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. When he gets back home, he’ll be just another old man.

  4. What a douche bag! I hope the waitress slapped him or something.

    • The sad thing is her job is similar to mine in that we just have to except the fact, where we work and what we do comes with issues of the environment.

  5. Love your response!

  6. Well that’s just lovely. What a toolbag. I love your response! You tell’em Mr. T! Assbags like that get beat up.

    • Most places he would’ve got his ass beat but in Vegas if they beat the ass of everyone who did this type of thing. The town would have no visitors.

  7. Dude! Don’t ever piss the hottest guy in Vegas! Dont you ever!!
    That MILF (how do we even know she was a MILF) was asking for it. She was presenting it all. Little do you know that was the Most Interesting Man in the world. Lucky for you I smoothed things over with him for you otherwise he wouldn’t have just took your job, he would have wiped Vegas off the map.

    Lol… sorry I just couldn’t help myself.

    I blame this dude’s mama.

    • Translation (by special request)… Marina is being a smart ass and I love her for her sarcastic ways. She can’t help but say what comes to mind and sometimes cum does come to mind. That’s why I love her so and I blame his mama too.

      The End!

    • It’s always the MAMA’s fault. ALWAYS. so mind yourself. 8)

  8. I guess he is just trying to be romantic in his own way? Another superman with a silly red sheet.

  9. Wow … how did I miss this one? What a dickhead. Who wants to bet his wife rides his ass and he can’t even talk at home without her permission?

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