Do You Listen Before Talking (WTF 4)

After hanging up on the Taxi Authority in (WTF 3) I went to the coordinator’s office to see what they could or could not give me. Just like before, they knew nothing and couldn’t help me. I then tried to talk to a manager about this. This use to be easy. They use to have their own building and we could just go over there and talk to them. Now they have been moved into the office next to the coordinators office. The door that leads to the new office is behind the desks and has a sign that says something to the effect of “don’t enter without supervisor”. Well, that would be nice if I could get one to act like I’m there.  After trying to get someone to help me and having no luck, I just walked out.  I then walked next door to our human resources office and gave them a shout.

After I filled in the lady at the desk with what is going on, I then asked if she could help me.  I let her know that I was wanting the cops to see the video and was trying to get the information that dispatch had written down for me while I was driving.  She tried to refer me to the same people who blew me off and only cared about the car. She then gave me a number to a guy that will help me in getting the cops to see the video. So I thanked her and walked out to call this guy.

Feeling better because I felt someone was really trying to help, I called the number and got a lady. She says that the guy I was needing to talk to was gone for the day and that she will pass all of my information to him in the morning. He’d get back to me. She said that he works from about 5am to 3pm and before hanging up, she wanted to look to see if the video had uploaded yet. She couldn’t find it but said he uploads them all in the morning and he’ll see it.  I thanked her for helping and hung up. Things were looking up.

I move on to dispatch. I called up and asked to talk to a supervisor. That itself was not an easy task. First I’m told that there isn’t one up there. Then I’m told I’m not allowed to talk to them but that they would take a message and pass it along.  So I call my supervisor and explain who I’m trying to talk to.  Finally after three calls I get transferred to the Dispatch Supervisor.  When he picks up I explain what I’m needing and ask if I can come up and copy it down or if he can read it off to me. For some reason he goes on to let me know that I need to hit my panic button and that will alert my dispatcher that I need help. he goes on to say that I can’t just call for help and I need to follow company policy.

First I told that this had happened about 3 hours prior. So why is he telling me to hit my panic button and deal with my dispatcher? Next, I would hope the guy “supervising” the Dispatchers would know what the radios can and can’t do.  You see a few months ago all of our radios were changed in our cabs and dispatch. Our old radios use to let dispatch know if we hit our panic button.  These new ones don’t. They don’t even tell the dispatch who’s talking to them. Finally, I go back and repeat that this happened 3 HOURS AGO!

I then return to trying to explain to him that I don’t need anyone to help me but him. I ask him again if I can get the information I gave the dispatcher so I can fill out a police report. He proceeded to rant on how everything in dispatch is company property. He explains that if I needed anything I would have to set up a meeting with the CEO of the company. Then, and only then, am I allowed to get anything from dispatch. He then went on to tell me that I better not even think about asking for any video. Those are private property and no one sees those. If I want the cops to see them then I better hope they get a warrant to view them.

So as I’m sure you can figure out I’M PISSED! I asked the guy, ” So if I want to get the information that I provided to my dispatcher regarding an assault that happened against me, I have to set up a meeting with the CEO of the company?  Which means I take time off work and hope that  he allows me to get this info, so then I can go to the police and file a report?” I was seeing red and couldn’t believe the stupidity I was hearing. He had a simple answer for me, YES. I couldn’t take anymore and just hung up.

I have felt helpless as a cabbie before but this was beyond anything I had experienced.  I got into my car and sat there for a few minutes trying to process what had just happened.  This was a company I thought was a good place to work. A company that advertises to have the happiest employees. I’m sure those “happy” employees haven’t had to deal with this stupidity.  I drove home and thought about this all. My only hope was the guy that should be calling me in the morning.

The next day came and went. I never got a call and when I called up to talk to him (4 times), I was told that he was unavailable.  I was all alone in this again. I had to think about what to do. Should I cause a huge uproar at work about this? No, that would just get me fired. Been there, done that. Do I go file a police report without the information I need? No, that’s pointless. So to wrap it all up I just decided to listen to the wife and let it go. I know I’ll get nowhere and if I try to make a deal about it, then I’ll more than likely get fired. Instead, I’m bitching to you guys and moving on hoping someday there will be change.

Thanks for putting up with this. You can look forward to a true Vegas Cab story coming up next time

14 Responses to “Do You Listen Before Talking (WTF 4)”

  1. firecracker3 Says:

    Total bullshit. This is why people (stupid ones at that) are employed, stayed employed and things do not get accomplished in the world. I am mad for ya 🙂 grrrrr!

  2. What a load of shit! It’s amazing how far some people have their heads up their ass … sadly, almost every business in this country is either already at, or headed to a similar place. We’re doomed.

  3. Grrrr
    Effing people!

  4. ryoko861 Says:

    Bitch away! Venting helps. I can’t believe NO ONE will help you. And their only concern is their car. What if you were hurt? The bureaucracy is amazing. If this was me, I’d start looking for another job. This company obviously doesn’t care about their employees, the bottom line. And their reputation. But you now hold the key to that. You could blow this company right out of the water. It will cost you your job and probably a couple mobsters at your door.

    But like Thy suggested, you’re a bigger person than they are. Try to move on. No one was hurt, just your pride in the company. And that’s expendable. Sad thing is those jerks that caused this whole thing are getting away with it. How long has it been? Over a week? They’re long gone by now.

    Go enjoy your kid’s ball game!

  5. fnkybee Says:

    Complete bullshit. What a crock of crap. I am just happy that you were not hurt in this incident and would have to deal with this. Chalk it up as a learning experience just incase god forbid something like this happens again. You will know what needs to be done on your end with the information before handing it over the company.
    What a headache!

    • Thanks; The sad thing is this wasn’t the first time and it won’t be the last I’m sure. When you work in an area that has booze flowing freely you just have to except it as part of the job.
      As far as te info goes, I should be able to rely on them to get it down. I can’t always write on the move.

  6. Dude doesn’t work just suck sometimes!! The incompentence of some people and and lack of concern is infuriating… god freaken damn!!

  7. Thank you for sharing this whole experience. It has been a pleasure reading it. Even though I feel there is so much wrong with the attitude that some people took over this case. Especially since there is nothing resolved and that is said. Then again, you are still alive, you have wonderful family and a job. So hopefully you’re over it and looking on the bright side of a Vegas cabdriver life.

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