Just Tell Me The Truth (WTF 3)


After being left to wait in (WTF 2) without anyone from my work backing me up I decide to start putting my information together before the cops show up. So I grad my statement that I wrote out and write down the description of the two guys. I them call upstairs to the dispatch office and ask for the plate number I gave and any other information they took down. That didn’t go so well.

I call up, which is now after their shift change and get the swing dispatcher. I ask for the information and he has a hard time reading the notes. He rambles on a license plate number that was too long. He gave me 11 characters. 7 is the max I’ve seen on a plate and in California I know that’s the case. So I ask if he’s reading the right note. He says yes that’s the plate number you gave.

At this point I’m already upset and I’m not in the mood for this stupidity. I inform him that he wasn’t there when I gave the plate and pointed out that plates only have a max of 7 characters and he just gave me 11. I then noticed that 2 of them were “CA”. Ok that’s the stare of the plate but there are still 2 extra characters in there. I decide that yelling at this guy is going to get me no where because he wasn’t the one the wrote it therefor he couldn’t give a damn so I thank him, hang up and go back to waiting.

I look at the time and notice that it’s about 45 minutes from the time I called the cops. I know I’m not s priority but she did say someone was on the way and that I should stay where I was. So I call back to get an update. After confirming the information on the call she asks;

Metro Dispatch: did you leave? They coul….. What address are you at?

I gave her the address and she says;

Metro Dispatcher: Oh well they are on their way. You gave us 4710 not 5710 but now that you gave us the right address we’re on the way

Me: sorry miss but I read the address right off our sign. But ok as long as someone is on the way.

I go back to waiting. Another 30 minutes go by and still no TA or Metro. This is standard for the TA but metro is normally there in a reasonable amount of time. I give it another 15 minutes and call metro back. I’m now told they just gave the call to an officer and he should be there in 20 minutes. So back I go to waiting. After 30 minutes I call back for the last time and I’m told they are busy and that the call is still there. This lady tells me they haven’t been able to give it to anyone but when things slow she send someone.

Once again I’m pissed. Three calls made and three different answers given. I then ask of I can just come down to file a report. She says yes and if I have a video or anything that will help I should bring it with me. I tell her to cancel the call and I’ll get the info and head down there later.

Trying to be nice I call the TA and let them know I’m leaving so they don’t need to worry about meeting me. They inform me that they were never on the way and that the cab was going to be inspected over night when they got around to it. If I need to file a report of an assault I need to call metro and deal with them.

I hang up on hem and start to try and gather the information I need from the company…..


21 Responses to “Just Tell Me The Truth (WTF 3)”

  1. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Enough said! Thank you, that is all. You can carry on now.

  2. fnkybee Says:

    WTF, WTC, WTFF! (what the fuck, what the crap, what the flippity fuck)
    How did you not go postal? Or did you? I will wait and see!

  3. ryoko861 Says:

    I can tell you’re seething……lots of spelling errors………heeheehee………it’s ok, you have every right because I was starting to get pissed!!

    This is a “WTF” story! Oh, I see funkybee beat me to it! Nevermind.

  4. firecracker3 Says:

    Much like Facebook, there should be a “dislike” button to puch above. Ridiculous fiasco!!!

  5. Ye gads! What a cluster fuck! I need to know how you kept from separating someones head from their torso.

  6. Good to see you are never giving up a fight easily when people try to force you. I really hope for a happy end to this story. You seem to have so much feeling for justice. I really love this. Keep on going Hacking Holmes!

  7. TheIdiotSpeaketh Says:

    You must have a real long fuse……. how you kept from exploding is beyond me…. Did you drive out into the desert and scream your lungs out after work?

    • 8 years in the medical field and 2 of those at a children’s hospital. My fuse has burnt years ago and don’t have it in me to blow up anymore. Although the 25 min drive home helps cool my mind after these types of days.

  8. Geez…that’s a long wait! =(

  9. You have patience, lots and lots of patience.

  10. Wow, you sure are patient.

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