Is That All You Care About (WTF 2)

After being told to go back to the yard in “Who Needs a Door Handle” I did just that. I was only about 2 miles away so I was there In just a few moments. When I got there I didn’t see the road supervisor I was told to meet so I went into the shift coordinators office to ask what I needed to do. Per usual they didn’t know a damn thing about what was going on. So after I filled them in on what happened they asked why I was there. I told them I was told to come here and deal with it here. I asked if I need to feel out any paperwork and once again I got the response of, “I don’t know”. I found an incident report on the wall of information racks and took things into my own hands and filled it out.

After I was done the road supervisor finally showed. He asked for my license and the registration for the car. I gave him he stuff and waited while he filled out paperwork. I got a shift coordinator to download the camera while he finished. When the road supervisor was done he asked if I had any questions and was trying to wrap it up. I asked when the cops were coming and if he wanted my report of what happened. He really wasn’t interested in what happened. He said, “well I have what I need and the video will help us get them to pay for it.”. I asked about when the Taxi Authority is coming and if Metro was on the way. He said that the Taxi Authority should be on the way and if I want to file a report with Metro I need to call them. He said they were called and told about the car so they can use that in the clam for repairs.


At this point I’m getting mad. I asked dispatch to call for metro and the Taxi Authority so I can file a report about the assault and it seems the only thing they care about is the car. This was made clear when I called Metro and asked if they could come take a report on the assault part of this. The dispatcher asked if this was part of the vandalism call at the hotel. I said yes and asked what was reported. She said they only gave them the make and model of the SUV and was reporting a vandalism. I asked if they knew about the assault and she said no. I then told her what happened and asked if they could come make a report. She said to stay at the yard and got the address. She informed me that someone is on the way. So I hung up, text the wife to let her know what’s going on and waited.

I’m a bit upset at this point and can’t believe the company could really careless about what happened to me and only was worried about the car. Maybe it’s just me but when I was in charge of field employees I made sure if something happened to them at work we did everything we could to help them. I mean they were my employees and were doing their job that made the company money. Yet I’m now all alone waiting with no support and no one to ask for help. So there I sit waiting…..


18 Responses to “Is That All You Care About (WTF 2)”

  1. fnkybee Says:

    That is just crappy! (the company only caring about the car and not you, wasn’t talking about the post itself 😉 )

  2. I “liked” it because you wrote it all on your phone. Not that I “liked” what happened to you 😉

  3. That really sucks. Unfortunately, this is they way businesses are going in this country.

    I’m not in a supervisory role at work, but I do direct technicians in their work. I ALWAYS make sure I have the guys’ backs … if something goes wrong, they are the first one’s blamed and I see it as my responsibility to be a buffer between them and management.

    Why am I in this basket and where are we going? (not sure where I heard/saw that but it does seem appropriate 😉 )

    • Looking out for employees no matter if they are equals or not should be human nature. Unfortunately the world is no longer about the “Team” but more about “Me” and what can you/I do for me, not how can we help eachother. It’s sad.

  4. TheIdiotSpeaketh Says:

    I can see why you would be ready to blow your stack….

  5. Dude … its time to revolt…lets riot and loot… doesn’t Thy need a new tv anyways??

  6. ryoko861 Says:

    What bothers me is that everyone is so blase about it. Like it’s an everyday occurrence that taxi’s and their drivers are assaulted. No one seems to be following protocol or policy. You’re doing what you’re told and by rules. You’re just a disgruntled employee is what I’m feeling. They can’t be bothered, they all have other priorities. You’re expendable, the cab though, OMG, they’ll lose a $9K vehicle! What ever shall they do?????

    That’s ashame. You try to do your job and you get it thrown back in your face.

    I think some heads need to roll.

    • Last time this happened I was charged with a crime(if I haven’t written about that oh that will come) and before that I was told “it’s a lot of paperwork and you’ll have to miss some work but if you still want to press charges it’s up to you.”. As far as the companies go… Too much to say for a reply

  7. They don’t sound supportive at all – if you’re out in the field, should they not be more invested in your well-being and looking for ways to either prevent shit like this from happening and/or looking to improve your level of security?

    • The sad truth is that money is the bottom line. They make changes and don’t think how they will effect our overall safety. But it would be nice if they thought about it more.

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