Acting a Fool, Street View Style

As a cab driver I spend A LOT of time on the road. I drive 5 days a week most of the time and that adds up to a lot of ground covered. Being a driver that likes to work the “residentials” in Vegas, I average 1000 miles a week just at work. That means I see a lot of things around town. Some are cool and others really get to me. But over the last few weeks I’ve been seeing one of those cool things over and over.

Over the last few weeks I guess it has been Las Vegas’ turn to get Google Street Views updated. This car has been popping up everywhere so I decided that the next time I see it, I’m going to start waving like a mad man in the hopes that I would make the cut. I was hoping to be on the “Street View” for the area if I do this. I kept seeing the car but by the time I turned to chase after it I either got a call or lost track of it.

Then the day came. The day I hope made all my hard work pay off. I was dropping off at a store on the eastside of town when I spotted it. They were going down a cul-de-sac. I had to rush my fare out and hurry to the light where they were coming out. I made it just as my light turned red.

This was it. It was my chance to take the stage. I tapped the horn as they started to go and began waving like a mad man. At this point I wasn’t sure if I would be shot by onlookers (I was on the east-side) or if they would call the cops on me but there was no going back. I want to be on google maps and damn it, I’ll try anything twice. So they pull down the street and I lose track of them. But the good news is that I was there, finally.

The next day I ran into them again. This time on the other end of town. So to not regret not trying again, I tapped the horn and once again the hands started waving. The guys in the car started to laugh and point. I took this as a sign that they liked me stalking them and were honored that I would go to these extremes to show gratitude for them giving me the Street Views I’ve come accustom to.

This interaction replayed another handful of times and I can just hope I’ve made the cut. So far, the views have not featured yours truly but here are a list of intersections that I hope will feature this Hack

Charleston @ Sacramento
Dean Martin @ Tropicana
Tropicana @ Maryland
Rancho @ Cheyenne
Rampart @ Charleston

So who knows, the next time you’re looking something up on Google Maps here in Las Vegas you may see this Hack acting a fool in the “Street View”.

If you want your chance to act a fool go here and find out if the Google car is in your city.


20 Responses to “Acting a Fool, Street View Style”

  1. ryoko861 Says:

    You’re 15 minutes of fame?

    So that’s how they do it, huh? Interesting.

    At least you made THEIR day. You’ll be the talk of office. “Yeah, this cabbie was following us around and waving all the time”.

  2. Not really looking for the fane. Its more just setting goals and accomplishing them. I’ve tried things like this my entire life. I love challenging myself with random things.

  3. I hope you show up on Street View! I just checked for MD, and it’s not listed…yet.

  4. TheIdiotSpeaketh Says:

    That’s so cool! I had no idea that their set-up looked like that. I wonder how many miles that dude logs in a week….. Your 1000 miles is hard enough…

    • That’s true they put my mileage to shame. Lets not forget the areas they have to go to. Google, “street view images” and after weeding through the obvious fakes you can see some crazy things, like house fires and more.

  5. Dude I would totally been acting crazy. You made history! (kinda( and your on the net (not naked!!)

  6. Every day you get closer and closer to proving that you are the loon that I’ve always said you were. Thanks for working on proving my point! I love you 🙂

  7. Truly that’s something I would do. When I go anywhere and if people are taking pictures while I walk by I like to turn, face them, smile and wave or give them 2 thumbs up.
    Let us know if you do show up.

  8. You are a Vegas Hack Google Supa Star! Can I have your autograph? When will you be in Teen Beat so I can cut out all the pages and hang them all over my wall, then when my husband asks WTF is this shit all about I will tell him…It’s Mr. T, he just went Google and is HUGE now!

  9. Nice, I’d love to do this. ^^

  10. Would be funny to see you on Street View. So please, if anyone sees The Hack on streeview, share share share!

  11. Clearly you are starved for affection.


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