The Tropicana Hotel’s “The Mob Experience” (Review Only)


The Tropicana Hotel. They have been re-doing the entire property and added an exhibit/show. “The Mob Experience” is a very cool walk through tribute to Vegas history and the mob. That’s where we were going.

After getting to the hotel and walking down the steep stair case, we get our mob names. I was the Grim Reaper and the wife was Kid Twist. We had these badges that gave the rooms our info as we went though the first half. Unfortunately, this part was a disaster. It could’ve been awesome with a little more attention to detail. It felt like this was a temporary feature that was set up in a circus tent somewhere. The actors were disorganized and had a hard time interacting with us. The automated parts were not timed properly and started talking before we walked in the rooms. Doors that seemed like they should be closed were left open causing sound from one room to drown out the other room you were trying to listen to. Luckily, I was able to look past all of this and take in all the great info they were showing us.

The second half of the exhibit was spectacular. Like a moment frozen in time, you walk into room after room of amazing artifacts and information galore. If you are a fan of the mob, Hollywood mob movies, or history at all, this is well worth the money. Finishing the experience with a shocking end to it all, I would recommend this to fans. If they work on the first half, they may have a hit for a larger audience.






7 Responses to “The Tropicana Hotel’s “The Mob Experience” (Review Only)”

  1. ryoko861 Says:

    Maybe they just need a little more rehearsing. Like you said, it has great potential! But still, what a cool exhibit and experience!

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh Says:

    We will have to check that out next time in Vegas. My wife and I honeymooned at Bally’s but had our first meal as a couple at the Tropicana. Back then, it was a hike between the two because there really wasn’t anything in between except the old Aladdin. Glad to see they are sprucing the old gal up and adding new attractions.

  3. Once I get to Vegas some day, I will be sure to check this out! Seems like a cool Experience to live through.

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