Seatbelts PLEASE


It’s Monday morning and this was a long weekend filled with ups and downs. But I’ll get into that on Wednesday. Today I’m just pulling a post from my file to make my week a little easier.

A weird thing has been taking place over the last ten years or so. The world has been embracing seat belts for our personal cars. Why do I think this is weird? Well it’s just as I said, our personal cars. When it comes to public transportation we feel better not wearing them, at least most. I know of many places that are trying to get belts on busses and trains but only a few have. Yet, towns with school busses that have belts installed have many being left unbuckled.


A lot of people say it’s the drivers duty to make sure that people are wearing them and I have to agree, for the kids. As a taxi driver in Las Vegas it is a state law that all riders wear their seat belts. We have signs posted all over the cabs and many of us even ask if you can buckle up. But I think only about 50% do. This number is up, but it’s odd when you have someone say they normally wear one but don’t feel right wearing one in a cab. People will even ask, “can I get a ticket for not wearing one?”. Which I say, “Yes you can. I won’t get it, you will.” This is the case for the adults. Kids on the other hand I will get the ticket so my cab doesn’t move until they are buckled in. I’ve even got yelled at by a mom over this. I guess they know what’s best for thier kids.

So here’s my rule on this and do with it as you please. If you’re under 18, buckle up or get out. If you’re over 18, do as you please. It’s your ticket not mine and if you don’t care about your safety so be it. This rule applies only to back seat riders. If you choose to sit up front for the love of god please listen to me when I tell you,”you can sit up here if you wear your belt”. Why do I ask this of you? Well that’s easy, it’s the DING! Yes the taxi you are riding in was made in the last 20 years and it has all kinds of wires that tell it everything.

Your butt sits down and it knows. You don’t buckle and it knows. Don’t try to trick it. Pulling the seat belt out to the length you would wear it doesn’t do it. Besides if you’re going to pull it out that far then why don’t you just click it in. You know, put the male end into the female end which is the ONLY way to make the ding stop. Don’t get in and act like you didn’t hear me ask then act shocked when the ding starts.


You: Oh is that because of me?

Me: um yeah I told you to buckle up.

You: oh, well is it ok that it’s doing that (as you grab your belt to pull it out but not buckle)

Me: No, but it’s your ticket. I’m use to people doing this.


14 Responses to “Seatbelts PLEASE”

  1. Come on people … It’s all about safety.. You know sooo you don’t die!

  2. Sometimes you just can’t fix (or educate) stupid!

  3. ryoko861 Says:

    I feel funny if I’m not belted in now.

    I just took a 1 minute ride down the street and I had to buckle the seat belt. It just felt weird not having it on. And it would have been my luck a cop would have passed me and pulled my ass over for not having it on.

    “But officer, I was just relocating three toads to the creek. ”

    That would have been one for the books.

    • Lol. You’ll have to try it and let’s us know how it goes. 🙂
      I’m right there with the seat belt thing. I can’t even drive through my work yard without a belt on. The yard is a one way circle around a building that’s enclosed by a wall with only one entrance.

  4. The old discussion about seat belts. I’d say it would be best to wear them in any place and not just the personal car. No, in the Taxi, bus and maybe even on the train as well. Good to point out this subject. Lots need to be considered when it comes to this.

    • They put them in the back of ambulances where emts are up and down non-stop but not on a kids school bus where they don’t move. I agree things need to change.

  5. Now that I think about it…any time I’ve ever been in a cab, I’ve never used a seatbelt. I think it’s because any time I’ve been in a cab, I’ve been in NYC, and I’ve been too distracted to buckle up. I justify it by thinking we’re only going 10 mph.

    Plus, when I was little, I HATED wearing a seatbelt. I think it’s my rebellious /stupid side coming out.

    • You’re not alone in that thought processes. I know seatbelts were made mandatory during our life so a part of me understands. Its the kids who are told it’s ok not to wear them that blows me away.

  6. fnkybee Says:

    Ya know, I just realized I don’t think I have ever worn a seat belt in a cab. That’s just plum scary seeing that in almost every cab I have been in they have driven like a bat out of hell. I had never rode in a cab until I was married, I was 28 years old..I was sheltered. We were in Miami leaving the airport and headed to our hotel for the 1st night of our honeymoon. B gets us a cab and he takes off. I have never..NEVER..been so scared in my life! He drove like a bat out of hell, if you can even call it driving. I think I was so caught up with fearing for my life and holding on to Billy that I forgot to buckle up!

    • Isn’t that crazy how our mind works. I bet you’d never go on a rollercoaster without a harness but thousands ride with crazy cab drivers and never think of it.

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