A Hacks Day of Service

About two months ago I went out to check the mail. I started going through it and was chucking the bills over my shoulder until I came to it. What the hell is this? I look at the return address and it says it’s from, “Jury Commissioner”. Hhhmmm, who is that? Then I look to the right of that and it reads “Official Jury Summons”.  Not knowing what this is all about, I open it carefully. I start reading and find out I have Jury Duty on March 29th.  As an upstanding citizen I got pissed off and stormed into the living room to ask the wife what the hell I’m suppose to do. You see I’ve never had jury duty before. I know the basics but have no clue what to expect other than what the wife had to do when she had to serve. So now I will share the adventure of Jury service Vegas style (I’m sure it’s not much different then other places but it sounds cool).

The night before I had to report, I had to call and find out if I even had to really go. I guess some people never even have to go down but I wasn’t one of those. I had to report to the courthouse at 9am.  I already took the day off of work and got a good night sleep knowing that I could be there until 5pm at the latest.  My alarm goes off at 7:45am and I start getting ready. I hit the road at 8:24am and down my coffee on the way in. I  pull into the parking structure that’s four blocks away.

I start the trek through downtown and get to the court-house at 8:54am. The line to get in was a block long so I keep going till I find the end.

A short 15 minutes later I get to the security check point and can’t believe what they have us do know. Last time I was at the court-house we walked through a metal detector and off we went. Now they are having us take our shoes off like if we are going on an airplane but without the free grope option. I get up stairs by 9:19am and it’s just in time. I find a seat and they start the orientation. At the end, we are treated to a fun-filled movie about how a courtroom works and they inform us where everyone sits. It was the best movie of the year.

After the movie we are told that we can get up and go to the lounge or bathrooms and that’s it. Somehow, more than half the room emptied and I know the bathrooms weren’t that big and the lounge could only hold about 50 of the 500 people there. I still have no clue where they went but I just put my ear buds in and continue to listen to my Podcast (“Kevin&Bean” at the time).

At around 10:00am they call the first group into a court room and this is where the entertainment began. The clerk calls the numbers out and asks them to line up in a single file line. She explains very clearly that the Marshals will be walking by and checking badges and if the line is not formed with one person behind the other they will not have room to get by. so everyone starts to line up and with-in 30 seconds I hear her say, “if you are standing next to someone then you are not in a single file line. You need to be looking at the person’s back in front of you and that’s how you’ll know you are in the right kind of line”. I couldn’t help but laugh at this. We are all adults and I know it’s been years since we had to line up at school but come on now. All together this single file line of 100 people took only 20 minutes to form. Maybe they should have shown them a picture of the local 1st grade class to help them figure it out.

After our first break they take the second group into a court room and they don’t do much better. They have to wake up about have of this group and couldn’t even find about another 10. This group takes about 30 minutes to line up and they are led out.  The rest of us are told to take lunch.  we are given an hour and a half to eat and make it back up stairs. I head down to the sandwich shop and reluctantly buy myself a $10 sandwich! I don’t know what is was made of but I think jury people should at least get a discount since we have to be there and don’t get paid for anything.

After lunch, I head back up to hear that they are going to be calling most of us back for a second day due to the delay of picking jurors.  About 10 minutes after that she says they just sent a list of  a few people who will be released for good. She starts down the short list and last but not least they decided that they don’t want a Hack in their court room and I’m sent home.  I gather my stuff and run out the door. When I get to the bottom of the stairs I turn the corner and run into a stampede of court marshals. I hit the wall and suck in the gut just in time for them to trot by. Determined to get home I just keep walking. When I get out the door A few unmarked cars fly up and head inside. Now I’m wondering whats going on. While I was waiting to cross the street, EMS pulls up and heads in to. Now I really wish I was chosen for that jury. Oh well I guess I’ll just go back to hacking and hope for better luck next time.

Sorry to bore you all with this but I figured if I had to suffer, you all could join in the fun. Thanks for making it through this (hoping you did) I go back to work tomorrow and have many more hack stories in the works.  See you on Friday.



14 Responses to “A Hacks Day of Service”

  1. Sounds a lot like my day except…..I had people talking to themselves in the corners (2 of them to be exact). During our line up process 2 fights broke out (I guess people didn’t like their personal space being invaded). The 60 year old court clerk kept being hit on by guys in their 20s and 30s thinking that she had the power to excuse them (that whole situation was quite entertaining). There was the two women that looked like they had to be stuffed into their inappropriate clothing (they ended up being sent home and had their service dates rescheduled). And then it just happened to be the sentencing day for the bombers so the court went into complete lock down. Oh well, at least I was entertained!

  2. ryoko861 Says:

    I can’t believe there was a line THAT long to get into the courthouse!!! That is so not right!!

    And if they saw that you were taking pictures inside, they wouldn’t have been very happy! *snicker snicker*.

    There’s only one thing I like about Jury Duty: It give me a chance to finish the cross stitch picture I’ve been working on since 1998.

  3. TheIdiotSpeaketh Says:

    It’s a good thing you don’t have to go down and waste another day…. Can’t make any money sitting on jury duty. I have only been called once in my life, and it turns out it was a custody case….involving a former landlady of ours. During the start of the screening, they asked if anyone knew the plaintiff. I raised my hand. They asked how I knew her, I told them she was a former landlady, and then wished me a nice day and kicked me out. That is now the plan I am going to use if I ever got called again! or something like that…… When we all come in and are seated….I’m gonna look up at the defendant and wave and yell “Hi Uncle Roger!!”….

  4. What the hell was the line for? Were all those people going in for jury duty too!? I think JD is something that likely really annoy me and cause me to curse at the (potential) stupidity our our system, leading me to an arrest 😀

    Glad to hear you were released – that must have been such a relief!

  5. So glad you didn’t have to go back!

  6. Hello there! I don’t know exactly how I got here, but I’m glad I did! Maybe it was some hacker whose GPS ran amok. . .

    Anyway, great post – and I’ll be back! I’m one of those crazy people (probably why the cabbie tossed me out on your street) who would really like to be called for JD. Never have been. My husband has been called twice, but as a pastor, he was excused. The demands on his time (he was serving a congregation of about 1,000, and had no associate!) were such that he could not be away for any extended periods of time. Don’t it always seem to go? If you want it, you don’t have it, and if you don’t, you do! That sentence makes no sense – grammatically or otherwise – but it is in perfect keeping with my mental condition at present.

    Cheers to you HV, and
    Peace enough. . .

    • It’s funny how they choose who gets service. I know a lot of people who would love to be chosen but no luck. They should let people volunteer also. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Hmm, sounds a lot less exciting as John Grisham makes us believe in The Jury. Since we are not familiar with such a system where I live, it was refreshing to read this. Makes it all look less epic and it doesn’t weeks, unless you’re the unlucky one to get a long hard case. Either way, you are free at last and can sit back and laugh at others who still have to go 😉

    • I did have a big smile all the way out of the holding room. I kind of hope I do get on a jury someday. I find the U.S. Justice system interesting. I’m not sure that I agree with it but interesting non the less.

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