F The B

……I have her by the rat’s nest she calls hair and I’m beating her head into the dash of my car when a cop pulls up. The officer jumps into action and helps me beat this bitch down until she admits she’s wrong and takes back everything she said to her son.

Ok. I’m not a big fan of physical violence and this really didn’t happen, but something like it should have happened to this god awful lady I picked up the other day. Let me fill you in.

I got a run to the airport that an insurance company is paying for. We get these all the time and in this case the insured is a young boy who’s about 12. I get to the apartments about 10 minutes before their scheduled pick up time and I just start playing on my phone until it’s time. I keep looking up to see if they are coming out and I see the blinds move. Someone is looking at me. I get out to let them know I’m ready whenever they are. I step out of the car to a front door flying open so hard it hits the wall behind it and slams shut. An older lady then comes to the door and opens it back and said her daughter will be right there.

I’m now standing there looking at an entryway that’s cluttered with clothes and random papers. A staircase is just to the left, which is also covered in papers. To the right is a small mat with blankets and a towel that’s rolled to be a makeshift pillow. While I’m waiting, the young boy comes around the corner in a wheelchair. The boy has been burned from what looks like head to toe. There are scars over every part of his body that I can see. From his shoulders to his ears are covered with skin graphs. His right hand is gone and the left is missing nearly half of its fingers. His legs are uneven which is not corrected with a shoe or brace.

I greet the boy with a good morning and ask if he’ll need any help into the car. That’s when mom pops her head out and says, “No, he’s fine. He can do it his damn self”. I simply step aside and watch this boy transfer into the car with no help. I found this impressive after all he has going on with him. Mom then comes to the entryway and throws a bag down while screaming at someone who’s just out of sight.
Mom: Where the hell is it god dammit!
Unk: I don’t know, no one has touched it since you’ve come back.
Mom: Well one of you assholes touched something. I’m missing it all.
Unk: I don’t know what to tell you. (girls name) can’t reach it and (boys name) knows better.
Mom: Well, my magazine is missing and the crossword I like is too.

She started throwing everything around her out the door and then storms. I look up and see an older lady, that I can only assume to be her mom, standing in the doorway now shaking her head. The lady got In the cab and demanded we leave. I jumped in and off we went. I didn’t think trying to talk to the lady was a good idea so I kept my hands on the wheel, eyes on the road and hoped I wouldn’t be talked to.

Within a block of the apartment I heard the first of many things that made me wish I would’ve been the one she was talking too. First I hear, “You little fuckin asshole. Are you happy? Now I have to do this shit with nothing to keep me busy.”  The boy says sorry and then there is silence for about a minute. Then mom decides she’s not done and for the rest of the trip I hear things like:

“You worthless shit. Do you really deserve this treatment?”

“What are you smiling about? Do you like making me get up this early”

“Why do I have to go through this?”

“I should’ve sent you with your dads”

She finally shut her mouth as we pulled up to the airport. I look at the boy who seems to not be phased by what just happened. I pull up to the curb and get out to grab the boys wheelchair and help him out of the car. I then shut the door and wait for mom to get out. She tries the door but little did she know that I keep my child locks on and it can only be opened from the outside.  She reaches over to the door closer to where the boy and I were standing and tries that one without success. I stand there talking to the boy acting like I didn’t notice what was going on.  She then crawls to the front seat and gets out the front passenger door. Once she’s out she looks at me pissed as hell and says,

Her: ” Did you not see me?

ME: “Oh, no. Sorry what happened?”

Her: “Fuck you asshole”

Me: “Fuck you for talking to your son that way” (boy smiles)


and she stomps off.

It’s people like this that make me look at my home life and value the family I have. My wife and kids all have medical issues that take a lot of time and energy. My wife never once has looked at it as a chore or blamed the kids for anything. We simply have made our issues a part of our life and unless we tell someone about them no one would ever know.  I don’t care how bad the issue is, I think every parent should do this and learn to be less selfish.  I love you honey and I’m proud of you and our family.


9 Responses to “F The B”

  1. Good for you for calling her out on the way she talked to her son!

  2. ryoko861 Says:

    I agree, good for you!! Child services should be notified. This poor child is scared for life now, physically and mentally!

    The drawbacks of your profession. You see the dark side of life.

    • Years ago I would’ve been on the phone but I’ve learned over the years as a driver I’m just a driver, Calling goes no where. I’ll get back to that in a upcoming post. You’re right though, the darkside does come though my doors more then I like.

  3. I love you too!

  4. OMG… u deserve an award!
    Sure you can’t hit a woman but you should have also tripped her or knocked over her bag for further emphasis!
    Well played; well played. Not many people would have done what you did. With that sir … you get 4 stars!!!

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