A Cab Driver Is A Get Away Car?

I was going through my news apps yesterday on my phone and found an update to the Rio robbery I talked about it in the post there’s an app for that.

The Rio

As I was reading I was shocked to hear the true story unfold. Come to find out the cabbie that reported being held up, as I heard over the scanner, was really the planned get away car. The cab driver brought the robber and waited for him as part of the big plan. The driver, who drove for “Lucky Cab”,seems to have been down on his luck.

The driver and another buddy got arrested for the crime, but police are still looking for the gunman. You can read more about the court date for these two on my Facebook page by clicking the link on the right side of this page.

After reading this I sat and thought for a second. This driver lives here in Las Vegas. He works in Las Vegas, has been talked to about and must know about all the cameras this town, especially the ones on the strip. I know as a cab driver myself we have taken a massive pay cut. Some of us have lost about 50% of our income from just two years ago but I think you just adjust and move forward. Not in a million years would I ever think about trying to rob a casino. I think if I had to resort to crime, I would sooner hold up a bank than ever try to hold up one of our casinos.

Next time you’re in Vegas do me a favor. Look up when walking around a casino. Try and find all of the cameras clustered across the ceiling then I would guess you would have to double that number. Then once you’re done, ask yourself this….. WWJD? Oh wait no,  I mean…would you even pick your nose in one of these places?


15 Responses to “A Cab Driver Is A Get Away Car?”

  1. What Would Justin Beiber Do?
    What would (the wrestler) Jericho do?
    What would Jessica Rabbit do?
    Who are you talking about?

  2. ryoko861 Says:

    Big brother is ALWAYS watching!

    • Watching and now a days in Vegas knowing who you are. Most people don’t know that Vegas leads the civilian world in survalence. You walk on a property and your picture is stored in a database for as long as they want. Can anyone say face recognition.

  3. TheIdiotSpeaketh Says:

    Justin Bieber would have looked up and smiled at the camera as he went running by with the chips…..

  4. Justin Bieber? WTF? First of all, Beiber would run his fingers through his hair and check his reflection. Then he would smile a run off with the chips. Duh..

    • Although he may be the man (little boy) on the run. I did hear, according to his Rolling Stones interview, he hates the U.S. or something along those lines. Maybe this was his way of getting back at us for making him who he is today.

  5. I never even thought about all those cameras.

    You’d think the Ocean’s 11 movies would have made people realize how difficult robbing a casino is.

  6. I was going with What would Jill do?!

    Jill would loop me in, and use me as the distraction – while I’m making the call of the Bedouin, Jill is making off with the cash. She’ll just need to make a pit stop at the local jail in case they’ve arrested me for public disturbance :-p

    • Lol. Just make sure you look up where the jail is and give her step by step directions. She doesn’t know where shit is I. Her own city. Oh and you want to make sure they dont move any of the interchanges or she’ll end up in Mexico. (you’ll have to ask her)

  7. Cities of the Mind Says:

    I’d figured him for a tourist/criminal wanting an adventure. I can’t believe any local would be dumb enough to rob a casino, let alone run out of there with chips of all things.

    • I know, why chips? He was the second local in a short span to grab chips. The other guy was caught before this guy so you would think they would’ve learned. Thanks for stopping by.

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