The ABC’s Of Las Vegas

I believe I have talked about the “Alphabets” before, but after the other day I think it’s time to go into more detail. I start most mornings these days in the north part of town. This is the part of town I’m sure very few, if any, of you have ever been to or even know is there. This is what I like to call “True Las Vegas”. This area has it all, from drugs and gangs to the high and mighty rich. My company divides this area into 3 zones and each one has it’s good with the bad. On the west side you have some of the rich mixed in with a lot of upper middle class, which is topped off with the middle class. This zone isn’t too busy but when it gets busy, they are normally good fares. The central zone is full of middle class with a small dusting of poor and a hint of upper class. You get a lot of short Walmart rides and a ton of cross town rides. Finally, we have the east side which has a lot of lower middle class, military and the dirt ass poor. The poorest part of this zone live in what we call “The Alphabets”. This is an area with streets named A-N running north and south and Presidents names running east and west. Over all, this zone has a ton of rides all day long. Some of them are $5 fares around the corner and others are across town. It’s a real crap shoot.

Now with that out of the way, back to why I brought this up. I was on my way back to the downtown area after dropping off in the northeast zone.  Whenever I deadhead back from an area, I pull into every possible place that may have fares waiting.  About two blocks from Fremont Street, while waiting for the light to turn green, I hear someone yelling. As I turn to see whats going on, I see a lady running up to my cab waving her arms. Being the kind of person I am, I unlock my doors and tell her to get in. (SSSHHHH! don’t tell the Taxi Authority, I’m sure they will find a way to still give me a ticket for this) I ask her whats wrong and where she need to go. She explains that she missed her bus and when the cab she called showed up, he rolled his window down asking where she was going and then sped off when she gave him the cross streets. I asked where that was going and she said Madison and C Street.

Now I know this area very well and know that she is going to a highly active gang and drug area. This is the type of area that has the cops arresting people at gun point on every other street.  Most people think that they are not safe here and that they’ll get shot or robbed as soon as they cross into the neighborhood. Personally, I think that it’s one of the safer areas to pick up and drop off. The cops come up to me in seconds every time I’m here and ask if everything is OK. There are probably more cops in this 5 mile area of town then there are on the strip.

So I get the cross streets and off we go. She starts chatting it up about how there are not many driver that will just take her all the way home. She says that many time they make her walk the last few blocks. We joke back and forth about other cabbies and talk about how this area has truly been cleaned up over the years. As we are pulling up to her house she asks if she can get my number for the future. I give it to her and she hands me $20 for her $11 fare and says “Keep it. I’m sure there will be times I can’t tip you and I hope you’ll remember this”.  I get out to open her door and wish her a good night. I then pull off wondering if she’ll ever really call me.

A few days go by and then I get a call at about 4am.  It’s her. She has me take her to the store and gives me a few numbers to call saying that these people have asked her to have me pick them up too. All I had to do was call and get their address. I made all the calls and took them all to work, to girlfriends houses, and home from work. I have been getting calls from these people at least once a day since and hope to one day be the King of the Alphabets! OK, not really, but I do like the fares.


6 Responses to “The ABC’s Of Las Vegas”

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh Says:

    Your a great role model for Cabbies everywhere! Why would you get in trouble with the Taxi authority for picking her up? And you are right, I have never been North of Fremont Street in Vegas……in fact, in the last 10 years, I have not been north of Circus Circus…..and thats only caused I walked down there from the Pallazo for exercise…… I bet you could write a great book on your Vegas exploits after a few more years! Stay safe buddy!

    • First of all you really need to visit Fremont Street. It’s changed over the last 5-6 years. I think it’s the best place to go at night if youre not into the clubs. Ithas great live music, street performers and so much more.

      As far as picking up off the street (picking up a flag) it’s illegal. They outlawed it in 99′ for safety reasons. So those of us who do are taking a risk of getting a fine from the TA. Our fare are supper to call for a cab or be at a cab stand.

  2. ladyjessica861 Says:

    And the Top Cabbie Award goes to…….

    I always here Rt. 15 mentioned on CSI. That and Henderson. All the criminals are from Henderson. All murders lead from somewhere off Rt. 15.

    Save these. I’m working with someone on an ebook publishing site! Ask your wife about it.

    • Criminals from Henderson…. Lol I think that’s the biggest mistake the show makes. (it’s still a good show) most of our crimes happen in north las Vegas and the eastside. The rest of the valley is pretty mild when it comes to crime. As far as this ebook thing, I will be asking the wife more about it. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. King of the alphebets. sounds grand.
    You could start your own company, call it alpha2beta

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