There’s An APP For That

This morning another casino robbery took place at the Rio Hotel and Casino. Reports of this first came over our cab radios about 4:30am when another driver informed everyone to stay away from the Rio because they had just been robbed and everyone was running around with guns drawn. I don’t know about you but when I hear something like this the first thing I do is grab my phone.

You may be wondering why I would grab my phone. Was I in the middle of this and needing to call for back up? Not at all. I was about 15 miles north of this crap. Did I know someone who may be in danger and felt the need to warn them? No, everyone I care about is home sleeping (then again my wife does sleep walk, hhmmm). So why would I grab my phone after hearing this? Well that’s easy, there’s an app for that. Yes, my beloved iPhone gives me endless amounts of info and entertainment.

I first pull up my police scanner app called “5-0 Radio”. This is a must have for anyone who has to be in the know. It covers multiple countries and it’s free. I tune in the command area for the strip right as they are flying into Terribles Casino. I find out that the suspect jumped in a cab and had the driver act as his get-away car. The driver pulled into Terribles and the suspect jumped out. After the cops talked to the driver, they reported that he was a 50-year-old male with a grey ball cap and a gun.

I get on the radio and let dispatch know what’s going on so drivers in the area don’t get caught up in this mess. My dispatcher comes back and asks how I know all this. Being the smart ass I am, I just say “There’s an app for that”. Before I could hang up the mic my phone starts to ring. I answer it, not to a hello, but a laughing male voice saying”ok smart ass. How are you getting this info?”. I explain about the best app ever and hang up.

As the morning goes on I listen to Metro set up a perimeter and stop every person that even comes close to the description of the suspect. I hear the list of streets that they are closing while they search and pick up the mic to update dispatch of the closures. Just as I go to push the button to talk I hear dispatch give the exact update I was about to give him. What the hell? Then I hear it in the back ground. I hear the police radio go off in the background. Hey wait! That’s my job. I’m suppose to be the go to guy, the guy with all the answers, the all-knowing driver (ok, I’m sure you get my drift). But for reals, who gave him the right to go download the app and steal my thunder?

So after all this excitement, I have still yet to hear if Metro has any leads (I don’t get the tack channels on the app). And yes, I’m still listening to it while writing this (it’s 7:17 am now). My title of the all-knowing one is being threatened by a mangy dispatcher. And last but not least, I’ve learned a valuable lesson. Don’t ever give up your secrets at work.



8 Responses to “There’s An APP For That”

  1. I hope you’ve learned a valuable lesson here. How many times do I have to tell you? NEVER EVER give away your secrets. I do recall you having a problem before because you’ve given away your secrets. Men! One day you’ll learn.

  2. I was just going to tell you that….keep ’em guessing. You’re just a totally awesome cab driver who’s in the know is all they need to know!

    Love the networking you guys have!

    My son found the Easton Area Police Dept. on his iPod and we had a ball with it.

    When I lived in NJ, we had a Plektron or police scanner. It was pretty funny hearing that your neighbor was rear ended in the parking lot and it was a hit and run. Nothing like being a nosy body! And knowing everyone’s business….*snicker snicker*.

    • Check! Just be the awesome Cabbie I know how to be.

      I love scanners. One night we heard a bunch of sirens outside and pulled it out to listen with the kids. It was a armed robbery at the gas station and the kids were too scared to go to bed. Our area is very quiet and that stuff never happens, hints why we never let them listen any more.

  3. TheIdiotSpeaketh Says:

    They truly do have an app for everything now don’t they? We stayed at the RIO once….loved it. Boggles my mind that people try to rob those places. I saw the idiot that robbed the Bellagio got caught after returning there and actually staying there. What a moron! Let us know when they catch the Rio bandit.

    • You have to love the dumb people of the world. The Bellagio guy was also the son of one of the toughest judges in Las Vegas. His dad said, “you do the crime and you will pay the time”, I loved that. I will post an update when they catch him, They always do.

  4. How exciting? Stuff like that never happens here !

  5. […] apps yesterday on my phone and found an update to the Rio robbery I talked about it in the post there’s an app for that. The […]

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