Movie Magic

I was watching the movie Oceans 13 the other day and noticed where they had decided to put the hotel for the movie. For those of you who have never stayed in Vegas before I have to warn you this is a spoiler alert. The “Bank Hotel” is not a real hotel. It is really just a dirt lot in the middle of the strip.

I love watching TV shows and movies about Las Vegas. I’m one of those nerds who loves finding things that are not right and pointing them out to everyone.


6 Responses to “Movie Magic”

  1. So then I must ask – how accurate is CSI Vegas?

    • Hate to break it to you but until recently almost all of the show was filmed in Los Angeles. But over the last couple seasons they’ve been doing a lot out here. But the cross streets they use still make me laugh. Either they run parallel or are on other ends of town from eachother.

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh Says:

    Got a movie question for ya…. What Casino did they use for the exteriors in CASINO? The hotel that was supposed to be the Tangiers…. was that the Stardust or Riviera maybe?

    • All the casino Shots were inside the Riviera and the exterior was the Landmark hotel which is no longer around. But the landmark was next to the Riviera and across from the Stardust so you were able to see them. The movie was based on the history of the Stardust so all of the above could be right but only one is the best answer.

  3. OMG, that’s so cool. I love finding out shit like this about movies. Oceans 13 was great, as was 11 and 12!

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