Silly Rabbit

Bellagio Garden

It’s that time of year again, the time of year that properties in Las Vegas go from Italian, French, and Roman, to Chinese almost over night. I love this about our great city.

Campanile Chinese Style

It’s the year of the rabbit and even if you know nothing about the culture you will at least know that before leaving Las Vegas.

Bellagio Gardens

I normal only see the transformations of the outside but the wife and I recently made our way to a few hotels one night while shopping. One of my favorite places to go when on the strip is the Bellagio garden. This Italian inspired hotel turns Chinese every year for the new year celebration. They spare no expense on decor and truly bring the feeling of their culture to life.

Bellagio Garden

Bellagio Garden

So next time you’re in town around the Chinese New Year, make sure to take in the decor around town and feel free to ask staff the meanings of the things you see. It’s always fun to learn about other cultures.

Bellagio Garden (Slightly Out Of Focus)


5 Responses to “Silly Rabbit”

  1. It’s beautiful.

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh Says:

    That is so cool! We usually hit town around New Years and everything is usually still decorated for Christmas…… the Chinese New Years stuff looks awesome!

  3. I love that rabbit – what was it made out of?

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