I Should’ve Just Stayed In Bed

The Military Compound I Start My Day At (aka Work)

I show up to work everyday at the same time, give or take a few minutes. I have to park in one of two parking lots the company is nice enough to provide for us (most other companies make their drivers park up to a mile away on the street). After parking, I walk into what looks like a military compound, (12 foot walls and wire surround the yard) I scan my ID at the security booth, and make the trek across the fueling station to a large building. I go inside to get my trip sheet for the day (this is a paper with our shift info and where we log our trips for the day). I make sure I’m driving the same cab as normal and head to our 4 story parking structure holding our cabs. I then look for my cab and start my shift. Well that’s how it should work but unfortunately about 2-3 times a month I have to add a few more steps at the end of this which makes for a shitty morning.

The cabs we drive are not off the road for more than a few minutes a day during shift change. My shift starts at 3:30am so the night drivers shift ends at 3:00am. I have to show up 15 mins before my shift to get my paperwork and check out my cab. The night driver can bring the cab in 15 mins early to fuel up and drop his/her money and paperwork. So my cab should be in the yard between 2:45am and 3:00am unless they are late. When the night driver is late it starts a snowball effect that gets my blood boiling.

Sunday Morning

After walking to the parking structure I look all over the floor my cab should be parked on (we have certain floors we are supposed to park on) I can’t find my cab. This means a few different things,

  1. The cab is late and my supervisor didn’t tell me
  2. The night driver downed it for maintenance and didn’t tell anyone
  3. Another driver took my cab to drive around and look for his/her cab
  4. The night driver parked it on another floor for some reason

Either way I’m now going on a hunt for my cab and it could be anywhere. I start by walking up and searching all 4 floors of the parking structure. After walking up and down all 4 floors with no luck I have to check the mechanic areas (all 4 of them).  I still have no luck and head to the car wash area and finally “Bell Street”, which is an old cul-de-sac that has become part of the compound. I still have no luck and go back to the parking structure to start all over again. The part that really gets me mad is when I get there my cab is siting there right in front and is still warm from either the night driver sneaking it in or the A-Hole who used it to joy ride around the yard looking for their cab (which we are not support to do). But I have my cab now and get ready to hit the road to make my money and I’m only 30 mins late in leaving the yard.

I pull up to the security shack to leave the yard and as they are checking my paperwork and inspecting the cab they notice a break light out and spin me around to the shop to get it fixed. Ok, now my morning is shot and I’m on the verge or blowing a gasket. I normally keep my cool but nothing is worse than having money taken away from you and not having any control over it. Another 15 mins later I’m now heading back to try to leave. For some reason, I look at my Fuel gauge and notice my car is not full of gas. Ok I’ve done lost it now. I pull up to the fuel pumps and go back to my supervisor to get a fuel slip so I can charge the last driver for the fuel I’m putting in (we pay for half our gas used). I top off the cab and FINALLY hit the road.

Total elapsed time is 1 hour all because of a fellow driver.



6 Responses to “I Should’ve Just Stayed In Bed”

  1. You are one cranky sucker, aren’t you? Pull your panties out of your crack, take a deep breath and join the Cranberry & Vodka club (That’s if Mark lets you in. You make have to wash his exercise bike!).

  2. That’ll be easy. Ill just go through the car wash after I strap the bike to the hood of my cab.

  3. TheIdiotSpeaketh Says:

    The bike needs a good wash! Can I stay in the cab and drink while you run it through the wash?

  4. That guy is an asshole – I think you need to put together cab driver etiquette and post it in your place of work Mr.T!

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