Cause and Effect

In case you’re not familiar with where Las Vegas is, I’ll tell you it’s in the middle of no where. There is nothing for miles after you leave the valley and the valley isn’t very big itself. I believe that this is the reason why we don’t get many police chases out here. But once in a while, a brainiac thinks he can beat the cop’s. Most recently, as you can see, running didn’t work out so well. The guy started in Henderson, a small suburb to Las Vegas. He was drunk and a cop tried to walk up and talk to him, but before the cop got there the driver hit the gas and off they went. He drove from the southern part of the valley to the northern part where they put down spike strips to deflate his tires. When that didn’t work as planed, the drunk continued back down toward the strip. Fearing the guy would hurt someone else, the cop’s decided to P.I.T.(Precision Immobilization Technique) the SUV and ended up sending him to the hospital.

Now, this is the strips worse nightmare. A crash in front of a major hotel (The Wynn) and having a cop being involved. Most accidents are cleared quickly and traffic keeps moving but fatalities and police involved accidents take between 2-5 hours to clear. What this means is the busiest street in Las Vegas is closed and the main entrance to two  AAA Five Diamond resorts (Wynn & Encore) are too. This is just another one of those things that no one could ever see coming and we cab drivers have to work around.

Most people understand the situation and are willing to do what they have to in order to get where they have to go. The good thing is that the Wynn has a side entrance off another street for it’s”Tower Suite” guests. So they simply open it to all guests and life goes on. But the Encore only has a Strip entrance and all guest must walk through both the Encore and Wynn to come and go when this happens. That’s where the problems began. Like I said, most people are ok but a fellow driver was just telling me a story about a fare that thought she was above this and gave him hell of a time.

He starts by informing her that the Strip is closed and if she needs to get to the Encore he had to drop her off at the Wynn Tower Suites and she’ll have to walk through. She says whatever and off they go. When pulling up to the Wynn’s Tower Suites entrance, she flips out. This is what he said happened.

Her:     “This is not where I’m going. What are you trying to pull here?”

Him:  “Nothing Miss. The Strip is closed and this is where we are told to drop off all Encore guests.”

Her:  “Well I pay good money to stay there and you will take me there or I’m not paying you a dime.”

Him:       (Crap here we go)” Ok one second.”

He gets out and calls over a doorman to help explain this to her. She says ok and gets out while telling the driver “I’m not paying you. I hired you to take me to the Encore and you didn’t so you fail to complete your duty”. The doorman and the driver explain that’s not the way it works and she still owes him the $16.10 thats on the meter. She refuses to and walks away. The driver then calls for the cop’s and gets security involved.

Long story a little shorter, the hotel gets the money from her and the driver is paid about 30 mins later. All this due to a dumb ass running from the cops. I love how everything effects a Hack trying to make a living.


4 Responses to “Cause and Effect”

  1. (11) is sick of having to watch all the police chase excitment on COPS. You know he hired this guy, right?

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh Says:

    Sounds like she never intended on paying even if he had taken her to the Encore….she would have found some other lame-assed excuse to try to get out of paying. And check me if I am wrong, but Encore and Wynn are not exactly budget properties right? Like she couldn’t afford $16 ?????

    • You’re right about not being a budget hotel but some of their guest do act like it is. The sad thing is I wish I could agree with you about her not wanting to pay but I really think she’s just one of those people who thinks her crap doesn’t stink. We get people like that all the time

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