Undercover Boss?

I watch the show “Undercover Boss ” all the time. It’s about CEO’s finding out what’s going on in their company and seeing what they can do to help. The sad thing is that this actually needs to happen to get company heads in sync with their company. I’ve worked for many companies over the years and some keep employee morale in mind while others only care about the bottom line and don’t mind unhappy employees. You can run a succesful company either way, but Google and many other fast growing multi-billion dollar companies didn’t do it by not caring about who got them there. So with that said, It was nice to take a CEO shopping for his employees.

This last week we had the “World Of Concrete” convention in town and it’s a big one. They estimate having about 70,000 people coming this year (up from 40,000 last year and down from 110,000 the years prior). These are a bunch of guys and gals who come to town to handle their business, but most of all have a good time. They are one of a few groups that know how to party. So when I picked up from the Wynn and was told to take him shopping for his guests, I was shocked to hear the full story.

Come to find out, this guy was the CEO of a small company that makes a ton of money making parts for some concrete machines. He comes to this convention every year to meet clients and set up new accounts. The part I thought was really cool was when he told me that he was shopping for the families of his employees who are coming out. See, he flies all 20 of his employees and their families to Vegas every year at the same time of the convention. They don’t have to work or even worry about it. They just come out here knowing that the shop is shut down and they can just have fun. The CEO pays for the whole trip. And yes, if the single guys want to go to the clubs he takes care of it. If the family men want to take their kids on a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon, he pays for it. Everything is covered 100% and he just asks that they don’t get in too much trouble and they make it back to work the next week. I couldn’t believe it and thought this may have been just another story that I hear all the time from guys trying to sound better off then they really are. But when I pulled back up to the Wynn and I opened the door of the van I was driving,  the bellman said,:

Bellman: Hi Mr……. Welcome back. Do you want this to your room or one of the others?

Mr.: You can take it to my mom’s room she’s going to help me put the bags together.

Bellman: No Problem, when is everyone else showing up?

Mr.: Later tonight, so if you can help me get in their rooms later so they have everything when the get here that would be great.

Bellman: Of course you have the 22nd floor right?

HOLY SHIT! (I’m thinking to myself)

This guy booked an entire floor at the Wynn and is paying for everything. Now that’s a boss! I know that not every company can do that but this guy could, and is. In my opinion, a little goes a long way and your employees know how the company is doing for the most part. I still remember the Christmas party the owner of a coffee shop through for us back in the day. He had a good year and rewarded us with a little party and gifts to show he knows who did it for him.


4 Responses to “Undercover Boss?”

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh Says:

    That dude knows how to do it! Obviously, his company is making plenty of money AND he has the most devoted and loyal group of employees you could ever ask for because he treats them so generously…… This guy is doing it right!

  2. There has got to be more bosses like this out there somewhere. Do you think you could find a boss like this who has conventions on some tropical island? I’d even settle for Rome or Venice…..oh how nice that would be!

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