Do You Poo Poo?

I’m on my way to a store in “The Alphabets”, which is a Part of town that most drivers refuse to go to. I personally love picking up here. It’s a very poor part of town and I get some of my favorite fares from here. They are normally full of stories and have a personality that is unmatched to most people.

As I’m pulling up I see 3 adults and a small kid. First impression, I think they look homeless and I’m wondering if they even have money. I get out to put a stroller in the trunk and I get a whiff of body oder I haven’t smelt sence I worked on an ambulance. While putting the stroller in the truck and notice all the food and dirt pouring off it as I place it down. I get in the cab and find out they are only going a 1/4 mile. Now I’m not worried about the money because the worst that happens is that I’m out $5.

I pull off and listen to the crazy banter going on between the three adults. The two adults in the back look like your typical meth users with the baby who is about 2 years old and dirtier then any kid should ever be.  The diaper  is so full its falling off. The man next to me, who looks in his early 30’s, is about as dirty as the baby and walks with a cane. He is having a hard time sitting in my small cab (Chevy Malibu) because he is at least 400 pounds. I pull up to the house they are going to and we all get out. I grab the meth heads their stroller and they tell me “Pudge” is paying.  I look over to the front door and see him having trouble getting out. I offer help but he says no. He gets out and pays me and I’m thinking that this was nothing like what it appeared to be.

I jump in the car and go to head to my next call when I notice the smell is not going away like it normally does. Hhhmmmm I’m about a mile away and still smell it so while stopped at a light I look where the baby was sitting to see if she leaked. Its clean.  I then look in the front seat and HOLY SHIT……

yes it’s just that. Seems that when “Pudge” was getting out he couldn’t contain himself. I had to haul ass back to the yard to switch cabs smelling this the whole way.

The next day I had my car back. This is the moment of truth. Does our detail shop do good work?  I got in the car and what do you know? It looks like a brand new seat and they even did a deep clean of the rest of the car. So never fear getting into my cab because I can assure you it’s poo poo free.


7 Responses to “Do You Poo Poo?”

  1. Eeeewwwwwwwwww. Enough said!

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh Says:

    Oh dude! Are you thanking God it was not one of your 110 degree days? 🙂 Glad they got the smell out! Whew!

  3. Dude! That’s so gross!

    It takes a lot of patience to work in the public sector, that is for damn sure!

  4. […] I started driving I never knew I would come across the people I have over the years. For example this “crappy” post. That was a new one for me. I use to work in the medical field and my patients had more […]

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