Friends of a Hack

I meet all kinds of people in this job. Most of the people I keep up with are fellow drivers. We see each other on the stands and pass the time with a quick hello and sometimes a chat. For the most part, I only talk to drivers willing to come to me. I stay in my car as much as possible because I’m always waiting for that call that gets me off the strip. I admit, I don’t have many good friends at work. Only a few people are willing to stand out in the weather to chat it up and I’m Ok with that.
Over the last year I made some friends that I never thought possible. I would like to introduce the best friends a Hack can have.

“Big Guy”

“Little Lady”

I didn’t name these two, another driver did. A lot of drivers like to sit and feed or talk to the birds in their free time. I sit back and chuckle when I see this but never have been into feeding the birds and never thought of talking to them. One day these guys decide to take a liking to me.  Big Guy waddled his no feet ass up to my car and started pecking at it. Next thing I know, Little Lady flew up and started yelling at me. I don’t know why but for some reason ever since that day both of these guys visit me every time I pull into the Mandalay Bay. A fellow driver says its odd that they do that because I never feed them and he never sees them go to any other cars like that.
Who knows? Maybe it’s because they know I’m an animal lover. Either way, I think I’ll miss them if they ever stop coming by.


9 Responses to “Friends of a Hack”

  1. Well, at least you have friends. LMAO! Love you……

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh Says:

    You got the starts on a good little bird HAREM!! 🙂 Way to go buddy!

  3. I know, isn’t it sad I have to turn to dirty birds to find someone that will listen. 8)

  4. I can’t do birds. They hate me. But good for you!

  5. It’s because you were a pigeon in your past life Mr. T! They can smell you! :-p

    Can you ask fat ass (was that his name?) why he has no feet? This perplexes me to no end.

  6. Maybe they’re upset because you’re the only one who DOESN’T acknowledge them. You’re hurting thier little birdie feelings by not feeding them, so they wanted to talk to you about the situation … sort of a “What’s a bird got to do to get some snacks from you?” kind of talk.

    As to big guy’s lack of feet … well, I’d be checking little lady’s wings for weapons. Big Guy might have held out on feeding her and she got a little testy. Just saying you might want to start bringing a piece of bread. 🙂

    • I never thought about that….. it was the girlfriend who took his feet off. Shows him for being at the strip clubs all night. I guess he had to learn the hard way.
      As far as feeding them ill guest leave it at HELL NO. They get In the way and make a mess all over the cab stands. oh and I’m talking about the drivers who feed them 8)

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