Snowday in Vegas

Days like today don’t happen often here in Vegas so when they do all the locals get their cameras out and start snapping. It’s only snowed like this twice while I’ve been out here and I love it. As soon as it started to come down I raced home (at 25mph on the highway) to wake the kids up so they can play and back to work I went.

Like rainy days snow days bring extra fares. As much as I hate driving in bad weather my bank account loves it. Enjoy some pics of a white Vegas.


8 Responses to “Snowday in Vegas”

  1. Thanks for the heart attack, just sayin…..

  2. On the one hand, I totally get why you’re excited. On the other, I so wish you two would visit Montreal in the middle of winter 😀 You would both have heart attacks but I know where the good hospitals are ;-p

  3. I had NOT idea it could snow in Vegas! Holy toledo, that’s nuts.

    And, uhm, is that a snow squirrel in the top picture?

    • “I had NOT” good one, genius. What I meant to say was, “I had NO idea…” Thanks for your understanding.

    • We get a dusting about once a year that’s gone by sunrise. But this year and two years ago we got 3-8 inches. Oh and that’s my kids best attempt at a snowman with what they had to work with. Thanks for stopping by

      • Love it! My daughter made a snow “mouse” this past weekend. I have yet to see pictures of her inspired work (I wasn’t there), but it was the same thing…a smattering of snow, work with what you’ve got. She’d never seen or felt snow before.

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