Running Around Vegas

The first weekend of every December something happens in Vegas that 99% of the visitors to our fine city would never dream of. Every year we try to set a new record with this event. Every year the strip gets closed. Every year unexpecting drunks get an eye opener after a long night of partying. I’m talking about the Las Vegas Marathon.

Yes, Las Vegas has a marathon. I know when you think of Vegas you think of waking up at about 4am and heading to the starting line of a 5-6 hour run.While I’ve been driving on run day I’ve seen many difference types of people running. You have everything from the pro runner to groups of drunken friends joining to have fun.The race goes up and down the strip and some of these people take full advantage of what the strip has to offer.

This year I saw at least 4 different groups of “runners” go into the Stratosphere and come out 5 mins later with drinks of the adult kind. One thing is sure, you see it all out here and that’s putting it lightly.

The Saturday before the marathon we host “The Great Santa Run”.

This is a fun charity run where every runner gets a santa suit to run in and we try to beat the record of the most santas in one spot. It’s a lot of fun. So if you are ever going to be in Vegas this time of year give a little to charity and join the fun. They take the in shape to the drunken shape.


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  1. That sounds awesome!

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