Wet N’ Wild

What the hell is this? Is it like that movie the FOG? I’ve been all over the valley and it seems to be everywhere. Is this the “rain” I hear about from all my fares? Hmmm must be.

You see Las Vegas gets monsoons in the summer and may get some drizzle here and there during the winter but 5 whole days of rain is very rare. But here it is day 5 and I really didn’t want to come to work. You see, they put extra oil in our asfault roads (to help protect from the heat) which just make them like ice everytime it rains. About half the people who live here slow down knowing this is the case, but the other half still fly around like nothing is going on until SMACK into another car.

  We get it all during the rain. Everything from streets that turn to rivers to intersections that turn into lakes. They have done pretty good with the new flood basins around town but many streets are just poorly made. So if your driving around town while its a little wet, do us all a favor and slow down. Meanwhile, I’m looking into a new cab for these days.


3 Responses to “Wet N’ Wild”

  1. That fog is really eerie.

  2. That last taxi photo is total snazz!

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