Merry Drunken Christmas

I got a call for a local casino (a resort off the strip) around 5:30 in the morning in mid December last year. When I pulled up, a drunken man came out and jumped in. I asked for his address and he mumbled something so I asked for cross streets. Most drunks can give left/right directions when you’re close to their house. He gave me the cross streets and I pulled off. When we got to his area I was guided to his house.

One of the things I got from my old company was keeping the child locks on to prevent run outs and to keep doors from opening into traffic.

So I get out and open his door. He stumbles out and I tell him the fare is $17.50. He looks at me and tells me to fuck off. I simply replied, “ok, I will as soon as you pay me”. I guess he didn’t like my smart ass remark due to his reaction but he was pulling his wallet out.  I said again,”$17.50 and I’m gone”.  He throws it at me and it hits the ground while he says, “get it yourself, fucker”. I bend over to pick it up and as I’m standing back up he comes at me.  I notice there is a 6 inch (15 cm) Buck knife coming at me. He gets it close to my stomach and says, ” give me your fucken money or I’ll kill you. I jump back and push him back at the same time.  Thank god he’s drunk as hell and doesn’t move very fast. I turn and jump in my car and lock the doors. I got on the radio and called it in to my dispatch. While they are getting all the info from me and calling the cops he turned (while still yelling at me) and goes inside his house (yes it really was his house).

Next thing I know, he comes out with another guy and gets into a Ford Mustang and they speed off.  Well, I was pissed at this point and was not about to let him go. Good thing I was driving a Chrysler 300 Hemi C Class. Yes my old company had some badass cabs. This guy really wasn’t that good at driving to start and the fact that his stock Mustang had nothing on me I had no problem chasing him.  I called out my chase to the dispatcher who had the cops closing in on us.  He made a wrong turn and came to a cul de sac. He pulled straight into a back yard of a house who’s gate was open and both of them bail.  The cops showed up about 30 seconds later and got the driver at gun point.  He was trying to say no one was with him and that I was chasing him for no reason and he was just scared.  The K-9 officers show up and start their search. ( Metro has some of the best K-9’s) 

About 20 mins into the search I hear all hell break loose on the block next to us.  Come to find out they found the guy under a shed in an old mans backyard and while they were trying to get him out, the old man (who couldn’t see well and was confused) came out and pulled a gun on the cops and started saying if they don’t get out of his yard he would shoot them. Now half the cops were ready to shoot this old guy and the other half were trying to handcuff the runner. Finally the old man understands that they are the cops and goes back in. 

They brought the guy over for ID and off to jail he went. During all of this an older lady shows up with her daughter (who was wearing a Bail bonds shirt) to pick up the car. Come to find out the two guys were father (guy with knife) and son (guy who drives like shit). I looked at the cops and said MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS TO ALL.  



2 Responses to “Merry Drunken Christmas”

  1. LMAO! OMG, what a great story! I love that you chased that asshole down LOL! You must’ve been high on adrenalin my friend. Can you get me the number of the cute cop on the left? 😉

    • All I know is that I was pissed and I’m sure adrenalin had some play in me chasing his ass. As far as the cop goes I’ll see what I can do if I run into him next time I’m going 66 in a 65 zone 🙂

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