Are We Getting Bigger or Are They Getting Smaller

Taxis in Vegas have gone through many changes over the years. Until recently cabs have always been larger cars with trunks you can fit a family in. The world is changing and the newest “Green” trend has taken hold of Vegas. Most people in the United States are used to seeing Ford Crown Victoria as cabs. Recently Ford decided to discontinue that model and left cab companies having to look for a replacement. A company I use to driver for changed to Dodge Chargers and 300’s. We thought that was a good choice because they had good size trunks and inside was only slightly smaller but over all comfortable for everyone.  I’ve seen Chevy Impalas which weren’t bad but inside a little small. Other Companies tried hybrids and Scion’s. I’m so happy I don’t drive one of those. No leg room, no trunk space, means no good fares. My current company was always known for its mini-vans but just like everyone else they thought green was the way to go. Over the last few years, out with the mini-vans and in with the Chevy Malibu .Let me tell you THEY SUCK ASS!!!!  As the driver I hardly fit and I’m on the smaller side of drivers. Leg room for all is out the window and head room to get in if your over 5’5″ (feet) tall is a joke also.  Unfortunately this is the trend of many companies. Good news is that the Malibu is being discontinued (so I’ve been told) so we’ll have to see whats next. The only good news is we just got a whole bunch of vans in that should be on the road any day now. Who knows this may be the future in Vegas


7 Responses to “Are We Getting Bigger or Are They Getting Smaller”

  1. LMAO…….sorry, I was envisioning you drivingn one of them damn small taxi’s. Hold on, trying to catch my breath.

    Phew. Ok. I got this-

    Anyways, sad thing is I know you would roll like that. 🙂

  2. I like this Future Vegas mobile – I wonder if I can get one over here? I’d be able to drive on the median and bypass all the assholes in traffic, getting to work in record time! Although…. the open concept might be a problem for me when it’s -35 outside, -50 with the wind chill, and of course, freezing rain. Perhaps they can include a bubble add-on to close off the open-space? The space-age version of a convertible? 😀

    • THE JETSONS CAR!!!! ok so I liked that cartoon growing up and heck I’d still watch it. I would love to see a pic of a laughing mad ann passing a bunch of pissed off commuter’s. Of course you would have to be wearing a hat like the boy did in the cartoon.

  3. Lost my camera with all my precious vegas pics in it .. I was in dodge charger cab on march 29 at 2 30 am from Tao night club to monte Carlo hotel . I need to know the cab companies name who drive dodge chargers pls

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