Throw Back Tuesdays

It’s another beautiful Tuesday morning here in Vegas and that means “throw back Tuesday” on Power 88.1fm. I love this radio station but would have never heard of it if not for my favorite dialysis fare. Fares like her make the day worth starting and her appointment is at the butt crack of dawn. I can still remember the first day I picked her up.
I just started on a 3:30am cab and as I pulled out of the yard they are begging for anyone to go and get her. I jump on it and fly up to the north end of town to get her. When I get there she comes stumbling out her house in a night gown, slippers, hair up in some kinda net and carrying a ton of blankets and a pillow. I jump out to get her door and say good morning. Without missing a beat she says “yeah yeah. Your new, I’m old and you better let me hear my jams”. I couldn’t help but laugh. I jump in and ask her what jams is it she was looking for. Once again she fires back with “damn new guys. 88.1 Power fm of course. Now turn that Meter on while your finding it, everyone needs a buck these days.” I turn the dial to 88.1 and she starts singing along and says “you better bump this while I’m singing. I don’t want to hear me and trust me neither do you.” Up it goes and off we went. As we are pulling up to her dialysis center she starts telling me about how they do “throw back Tuesdays” and that I need to make sure its on every Tuesday when I get her. She grabs her mound of blankets and wishes me a good day as she shuffles into the center.
To this day, I still start my shift listening to this staition and look forward to picking her up. Like I said, it’s fares like her that bring me back to work everyday.


2 Responses to “Throw Back Tuesdays”

  1. First- I know you wrote this on Tuesday but it’s Thursday. Okay, so that said, I thought we stopped transporting patients years ago.

    Have I lost my mind? Don’t answer that…….have you lost your mind?………probably.

    She sounds like my kinda people and we’d probably get along just fine. Now gimme my damn computer back I’m sick of typing from my phone.

    • yeah well it’s tuesday somewhere, in some world I’m sure. As far as the Patients go I don’t mind becuse I get payed direct and tiped for these:-). Oh and yes you have and Well I live with you so I guess so.

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