Who Doesn’t Believe in Karma

This morning I had a fare that needed to go get her meds filled and told me up front she had $8. I knew they round trip was going to be a little more then that. I told her we’ll make it work. We started talking and I found out that her husband just pased (she was at least 90) and her kids left town for the week and she forgot to have them get her meds. At the end of the trip I knew she didn’t have a lot of money. I told her to keep her money for the night on the town I knew she was going to take while her kids were gone. She busted out laughing like I’ve never heard an old lady do. After trying to get me to take it she finally said “Good luck in life and may Karma be on your side.”
The day went on as many others do until I got a short run to the airport. He was flying a little airline that most people have never heard of unless they fly to your area or your a random knowledge whore like myself. We started talking about the airline and he was talking bad about some of it’s fees that are not normal, and the way it takes advantage of it passengers. I came to the airlines defense and debated him on business logic and what I feel is right and wrong. We sat in front of the terminal for about 5 minutes finishing this debate (friendly of course). When all was said and done he gave me a nice hand shake and said “thanks, you are a very down to earth thinker and you know how to state your points. My name is Mr. …… and I’m the CEO of ……. Airlines. You’ve made my point better then most of my employees do. Thank you”. I pulled my hand back and looked at what he palmed. He simply said have a Merry Christmas.


7 Responses to “Who Doesn’t Believe in Karma”

  1. You deserve it more than anyone else I know. Merry Christmas!

  2. Nice one, Karma for the win!

  3. Love this! You rock Mr. T!

    I believe in karma. The positivity that you put out there will come back to you, and by the same token, so will the negativity.

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