Getting a Parking Ticket While Driving

From the day I started driving I’ve had a job that in one way, shape, or form included driving. As you could imagine this brings with it a lot of tickets over the years. I’ll be the first to admit that I deserved most of them. As a cab driver In Vegas we not only have to look out for the regular cops and state troopers but we have the Taxi Authority(TA). This group of rouge cops have a hard-on for us and find any reason to write a ticket. They could be fighting long hauling or a number of other illegal acts going on in the cab industry but instead, they choose to do massive ticketing stings to nickel and dime us to death.
The only sting I’ve been invalid with is one of many done outside the Palms resort. Palms is known for the many clubs that they have over the weekend. When they close, every driver knows they can get a ride there. I start my shift at the same time the clubs let out so I use to head straight there knowing it was good for at least 3 rides right away. This particular morning I headed there just like any other Sunday and got in the line of cabs that were slowly rolling into the resort. Yes, the line gets so long we start on the street and make our way on property. The line never stops and even personal cars get in the line to be able to park. I’m slowly making the right turn to pull into the resort when a TA car flies in front of me and turns it’s lights on. Next thing I know, the line is surrounded by them and they are now blocking all but one lane of traffic. Mind you, we are all in a right turn lane not hurting any thru traffic lanes. Being kind of confused as to why I was stopped, I ask the officer as he walks past whats going on. I got a shitty “you know why your stopped” response. “Just shut up and I’ll be back to you.” I watched him go to the two private cars and tell them to go around us. Then they all started writing tickets to the 15 or so cabs there. They got to me and started giving me shit for not knowing why I was stopped. Then, when I asked why they let the other cars go, they got real pissed. Finally, after not really answering a damn question I had, they let me know I was being given a PARKING TICKET! What the hell? The last I checked you can’t get a parking ticket while driving. Can you? When I ask said question, he simply points at the no parking sign on the light pole and says “do you see that? That means no parking and last I checked you’re stopped here and there.” WTF!? I was pissed. So I let him know that until I was stopped by him, I was never parked there nor was I stopped at anytime. Holy shit. He wasn’t messing around and made it seem like I was wrong for stopping for a cop. You have to love the way they some “cops” like to over use there authority.
Long story a little shorter, we all paid our $80 ticket and I never go there during club breaks anymore. But from what I hear, the TA still pulls this move on drivers about once or twice a month.


7 Responses to “Getting a Parking Ticket While Driving”

  1. You continue to amaze me. You will probably be the only man (or woman) I ever know with the ability to get a parking ticket while driving

    *stands up and claps*

  2. Ah shit. How much do we owe this time?

    *tapping fingers on desk*

  3. That’s bullshit. You should’ve refused the ticket! Incidentally, I got a speeding ticket last week, but my car was actually moving, and I was in it 😀 I don’t know about you guys, but over here, the cops have a trend – at the end of each month, they stop anyone and everyone because they have to be sure they met their quotas. Apparently, they’ve started doing this at the start of the month too! Fuckers.

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