Who said winter can come?

Someone forgot to tell my cab we live in Las Vegas.

It’s been a few winters since we’ve hit the low temps like we’ve been having. I know when people think of Vegas they don’t think of it being between 20-30 degrees or (-6) – (-2) Celsius and nor do we, at least not in November.

Needless to say, I’ll do anything to stay warm.

Happy Winter


5 Responses to “Who said winter can come?”

  1. Where’s your igloo?

  2. OK, let me put ‘winter’ into perspective for you Mr. T: I live in Montreal. We get feet of snow – feet! And, we go down to -35 and get ice rain. Soooooo, I have no sympathy for you – but I will send you a toque to keep your head warm :-p

    • Sorry I don’t understand your language. Can you tell me what this -35 mean. I’m lost…. Sympathy is not what I’m looking for, just THE SUN! I live in sunny Las Vegas, you know, the place of an average 340 dys of sunshine :-). Enjoy your seasons. Lol

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