It’s amazing what you see when you drive for a living. Most recently I was pulling out of a gas station when I noticed a man under a truck at the pumps. Well thats odd. I first thought he was just getting something he dropped. But after looking closer I noticed that this man who was about 275lbs was on his back shaking. Oh shit! It’s been a while since I’ve seen a seizure, but if my eyes are not mistaken that had to be one. I pulled over and call 911. When I got to him he had just finished the first episode and started vomiting all over himself. All I could think is that I needed help. I forgot when I use to do this for a living I had gloves and other things to protect me from body fluids. But there I was, under the truck trying to hold his head stable and making sure he wasn’t choaking on himself.

After a seizure people go into a postictal state; which is basically a heavy uncontrollable sleep or dazed state – depending on the person. After starting to come out of it, he started trying to fight and was hitting his head on the bottom of his truck. A worker noticed what was happening and came to see if she could help. Thank god some people out there are willing to help others. I don’t know how many people just walked by and didn’t even ask if everything was ok. I had the lady grab his wallet and phone to try and get any info from them before the paramedics got there. He had at least one more seizure in the mean time and all I could do is wait.

It felt like a lifetime before help got there. It’s wierd to me now because back in the day when I worked on a ambulance, I use to get people complaining about how long it took for us to show up. Now I understand. When you’re the one waiting, time seems to stand still. It only really took 4 mins for them to get there and what a relief. It’s been a long time since I did this type of work.  So there I sat, waiting to hand off everything to the medic.  Little did I know that they loved the fact that I was there and was doing everything they needed to do. I got a “you good down there?”. Of course I said yeah and helped the whole way through.  It felt kinda nice to get back into it. Kinda like riding a bike, feels odd getting back on after you havent ridden in years but you quickly get your sea legs back.

Off he went and back to the road I went. Back to another fare who could care lease about what my day has been like and what else I had coming. Just another unpredictable day in the life of a hack.


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