You never know what you’re going to get

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Somedays driving can be a shitty job with an unexpected twist to the entertaining. Days like today start with a fare across town. I’m thinking this is going to be great. Nothings better then starting the day off with a good fare. One normally leads to another. That is until you get them to where they want to go and they try to pay you with a prepaid cell phone. Oh how I hate people sometimes. But unlike most other bad days this day soon had a weird twist to it that made me laugh.

About 2 hours later I picked up 3 sisters and would guess they ranged in age between 75 and 85. They were talking about needing sleep and complained that they just can’t party like they use to. Listening in on them chatting, I would guess they were up going on 24 hours ( I hope I can still do that when I’m in my 70’s). On the way back to their hotel, one of them found an ad for Chippendales and boy did they get excited. They were talking about wanting to see them tonight. The sister sitting up front next to me was kinda quiet about everything, until out of the blue she looks at me and asks in the sweet old lady accent –

“So can you see it all down there?”

Holy Cow! What is happening? I don’t know who’s more red but I come right back with a ” I really don’t know but I’m sure you see something”. So the other two sisters start going crazy and I realize they are just crazy and having fun. I let them know about what I believe to be a male strip club across the street from their hotel. I tell her ” I’m sure you can see everything you want and more overthere and it’s only a short walk.” All three of them go crazy at this point and start talking about walking over there.
So there you have it. A day as a hack is never a normal day and you never know what will come your way.Click here for an update


3 Responses to “You never know what you’re going to get”

  1. […] a previous post,(**** You never know what you’re going to get ****), I talked about 3 sisters I refered to a male strip club. This idea seemed to be a good one […]

  2. alysia mott Says:

    that was a very interesting story thank you for telling and sharing it with us

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