Professional Driver?

As  a self proclaimed “professional driver” I feel that while I may use
the full lane of travel to my advantage and make crazy turns I am all
around a good driver. Truly driving for a living from age 17 I have
never had an at fault crash while working (well kinda). Although there
is something about driving in your own car that changes the way you
drive it. ( that’s a whole other story). So that said let me feel you
in on my first crash of many as a cab driver. Still fresh to being a
hack I am headed down a major street coming up to The Strip. I’m
cursing along and next thing I know I have this dumb ass slamming into
my side pushing me into the wall in front of New York New York. Damn
that hurt. But here’s the fun part of driving for a company who only
cares about how much money you make.

After being hit and having video and a police report saying I’m not at
fault I still get sent home and told to call to see if I still have a
job the next day.
Well that’s the first of many but a glimpse as to why your cabbie
might be on edge.


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