Cab “Tricks”

As a new driver you hear a ton of stories from other drivers and how

they make money. You hear about pimps driving cab, dealers taking care

of peoples drug needs and the list goes on.  I hear these stories every
morning waiting for my cab and I honestly I don’t know what’s true and what’s just
shit talking. Soon I realized that I had a story of my own.

I can’t recall which hotel it was, but I loaded a couple and asked

“where to?”. The guy comes back with, “the cheapest shit-hole in town.”

Now laugh all you want but, even being street smart the first thing
that went through my head was, “why are they needing a place to stay?”

They are dressed nice and it seems they should have a place already.

(like my wife always says, I’m a little slow)

so I recommend a few roach motels off the strip that I’ve seen advertised (with spay paint

on the side of the building) for $19.99 a night. The girl, in a whiny

voice says, “babe if your going to be that cheap let’s just go”. Once

again I’m slow. It wasn’t till she leaned up and asked “do you mind

finding a dark corner for us” that I realized what was going on.

I told them that I could drop them off anywhere they wanted and just to let me know. She then asked if they could just use my car, saying it would only take a second and she’ll float me $50. OH SHIT! I remember hearing about this! While some drivers don’t mind taking risks like this, I do. I said ” I can take you

anywhere but I can’t let you do it here.” So, she told me to stop the car and she got out. Great – I now have a pissed off guy in the back of my cab who’s looking at me like he’s going to kick my ass. Thank god the meter only read $5.20.  I told him not to worry about it and he bailed too. Yet another fare coming out of my pocket. I’ll explain that another time.

What you should know is prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas. And it’s
illegal to be involved with it in any way, shape, or form. Metro
Police and the Taxi Authority both do stings regularly. So if you

choose to go down that path, ask yourself the same question I did. Is $50 worth being
charged with a sex crime? Is the $50 worth being registered as a sex
offender? For me it was an easy no, but for many others the answer doesn’t come that easy and they end up learning the hard way.


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