Welcome to Las Vegas

As time went on I learned that my story telling skills and life experience will pay off as I figure out what I’m doing. In my first month I have been a family man, a club goer and everything in between. I find myself making things up about the city and where I’m from to make people feel that I’ve been doing this forever.  Most people fall for it but some start asking me shit about the clubs and what they’re like and which one is better than others.  Damn, what the hell, I’ve never been in these clubs. I’ve never enjoyed the club atmosphere nor the things that go on there, but I have to know because it’s my job. You may ask why I would stress out about this, I mean who care I’m a cab driver. Well let me run this past you.

I’m coming out of the Airport loaded with a couple from the UK. They are asking all the normal questions.  Whats that best hotel, where are the best restaurants and clubs. So I go down my normal list of  The Wynn, Yolies Brazilian Steak House, and hmm, Clubs…….. I don’t know (I still have never been to the clubs out here to this day). I wrack my brain and come up with the one club on the strip that is not part of a hotel, KRAVE. I tell them that KRAVE is the hottest club in town that they have great foam parties and the best music in Las Vegas. They couldn’t be happier and plan to go that night.  Good another fare taken care of the way a new driver does it.

I get sick of telling people random things and having no clue what I am really telling them. I need to do something to get the info I need but I have a family and don’t have the need or the urge to go check out all these places. So what else do I do but recruit my wife (a very understanding woman) to go walk the strip with me and get to know at least the hotels and some of their details.  I have her research all the clubs and I read up on as much as I can. When she goes over the things she has found my mouth drops to the ground and my heart stops.  Come to find out, KRAVE night club is billed as the “only gay club on the strip”.  HOLY SHIT!!!! I’ve sold so many people on that club never knowing what it was. Not that I care it’s a gay club, I always found the gay bars back home some of the best,  but I knew they were gay bars and went there with friends. All I could think of is the couple from the UK who were so excited to go. Oh and the two guys I told to go there because it has the hottest girls in town and they could easily pick up a date there. Lets not leave out the other about 10 to 15 groups I sent there. oops 

What a lesson I learned. But then again, all I could think was what a way to be welcomed to Vegas. I still send many people that way but I have learned to figure out my fares before leading them in the wrong direction.


6 Responses to “Welcome to Las Vegas”

  1. Sure hope you don’t see those fares again. 🙂

  2. You? Send straights to a gay bar? Ya don’t say. That doesn’t sound like you at all.

    Your wife sounds absolutely amazing! How in the hell did you get so lucky? That’s what I want to know. Such an understanding and incredible woman. You should be counting your blessings.


  3. […] In a previous post, You never know what you’re going to get, I talked about 3 sisters I refered to a male strip club. This idea seemed to be a good one at the time. The club I refered use to be a gentleman’s club and now has a sign of a half-naked guy on it.  So even though I never went there I felt confident in telling them to go. You think I would learn after the whole KRAVE  incident in Welcome To Las Vegas.  […]

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